Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme

This registration scheme applies to any company, agency or organisation that implements temporary traffic management on State roads. Registration is required if the traffic management requires a closure or speed restriction. This applies to all State roads across Western Australia. 

The aim of this scheme is to improve the quality and safety of traffic management on State roads. Traffic management is a high risk activity and deviation from safety standards can lead to death or serious injury to the public and road workers. Incorrect traffic management can also cause increased congestion. The scheme is a significant initiative to improve the safety and quality of traffic management on State roads in Western Australia. 

The scheme requires applicants to demonstrate safety, quality and consistency in delivering traffic management services. Applicants will be required to provide evidence of their suitability against selection criteria. The registration requirement is in addition to the existing requirements for individuals to be trained and accredited.



 The main objectives of the registration scheme are to:

  • Improve the quality and consistency of traffic management on site
  • Increase the safety of the public and road workers
  • Raise industry standards and improve industry image
  • Establish feedback mechanisms and tangible consequences for companies that fail to implement correct traffic management.


Registration type ​Duration
​Full registration​3 years​Applicants meet all scheme pre-requisites
​Conditional registration​1 year

​Applicants do no meet all scheme pre-requisites

Issued where the applicant has an expectation of achieving criteria in the future. For example new business start ups



Occupational Health and Safety

Applicants are required to demonstrate they have 3rd party Occupational Health and Safety certification to AS/NZS 4801-2001 or ISO equivalent. 3rd party certification must be through a JAS-ANZ accredited certifier. A full list of these certifiers can be found on Jas-Anz website.

Quality assurance

Applicants are required to demonstrate they have 3rd party Quality Management Systems certification to ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 9001:2015. 3rd party certification must be through a JAS-ANZ accredited certifier. A full list of these certifiers can be found on Jas-Anz website.

Industrial relations

Applicants are required to submit a relevant industrial relations award or agreement. This can take the form of a Fair Work Australia Award, Enterprise Bargaining Agreement or Workplace Agreement.


Applicants must have workers compensation insurance and prove that the company is registered as an employer for the purposes of the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 2018. Professional indemnity insurance with a minimum cover level of $5,000,000 is required.


Applicants are required to submit details of the company structure and details of management. This includes the experience of company personnel or contractors, their qualifications and areas of specialisation. 1 in 20 traffic management employees must hold a current Worksite Traffic Management Accreditation or Advanced Traffic Management Accreditation. All Complex sites require either a WTM or AWTM to be present on site.


Applicants must submit a summary of at least ten examples of traffic management implemented on site in the last three years. At least three of the projects must have client references. The applicant must submit at least three traffic management plans implemented by the company in the last year. The examples should demonstrate the companies capability in traffic management and include complex examples such as contraflow or working in close proximity to signals.


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Modified: 29 May 2020