Policy & Guidelines

In Western Australia, crash investigations and road safety audits are undertaken in accordance with our policy and guidelines. These guidelines have been developed with reference to:

Austroads is the association of Australian and New Zealand road transport and traffic authorities. Main Roads is a member of this association.

Crash Investigation

Main Roads Policy and Guidelines for Crash Investigations provides detailed information about standard procedures for Western Australia. For more information, view or download:


Road Safety Auditing

  • Policy and Guidelines for Road Safety Audit


Railway Crossing Control

Railway Crossing Protection in Western Australia Policy and Guidelines provide detailed information about how to determine the level of control at railway level crossings. This Policy must be read in conjunction with Australian Standard AS1742.7.

Note: Western Australia also uses the Australian Level Crossing Assessment Model (ALCAM) to assist in determining the risks associated with individual level crossings.
Modified: 20 Apr 2017