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Committed to the belief that no death or serious injury on roads is tolerable, we have implemented a Road Safety Management System (ROSMA).


The adoption of ROSMA will help us meet our state and national targets for road trauma reduction. It is built in line with ISO 39001 for Road Traffic Safety and drives best practice in the application of Safe System principles to projects and activities. ROSMA was launched in June 2016 and hundreds of employees have complete ROSMA operator training.


 Underpinned by robust internal policies, guidelines and tools, the process can be simplified into three key stepsSteps of ROSMA - no numbers.png

Set targets

Trauma Reduction Targets are set for each project using a tool that correlates historical crash data and projected Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) during an appropriate evaluation year.

These targets are developed to ensure Main Roads meets its commitment to state and national targets.

Understand the risk

Those responsible for projects are required to identify and understand the risk associated with the road project they are undertaking.

Deliver solutions

Once road trauma reduction targets have been established the final component is to select and deliver road treatment solutions that will achieve the best safety outcomes and, as far as possible, meet the ROSMA target.

Contractors required to undertake the ROSMA process

Where specified in contractual documents; contractors will be required to ensure that the Road Trauma Reduction Report and Reduction Target Tool are completed, maintained, updated and endorsed. It is advisable to check with the project manager and/or to see what parts of the process have been completed prior to the contract being awarded. If the ROSMA process has not yet been applied use step 1 below. If it has been applied and treatments selected have changed please use step 2 below.

  1. To determine the extent to which you need to undertake the ROSMA process we need to know:
  • The location of your project; and,
  • If you know it at this stage, what you intend to do.

You do this whilst you are undertaking treatment selection (typically in the Select or early Develop phase) by:

Downloading and completing the ROSMA Project Details Template and emailing it to

Based on the information you've provided we will set the Road Trauma Reduction Target and assess your proposed treatments within 10 working days. We will also advise you what actions, if any, are needed to complete the process.

Need help? Email alternatively contact Paul Starling or Brendon Wiseman.


2. If there is already a Road Trauma Assessment for the project but the treatments selected have changed (often happens in Develop stage), please update the assessment and send through details of the changes to


The Road Trauma Treatments Guideline  will assist with understanding the impact of various road safety treatments.

For those who need to undertake an Operational Safety Risk Evaluation please use the following:  


Modified: 25 Nov 2019