Safe System Approach

The Safe System approach is based on four key cornerstones:

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The Safe System approach has been embedded into our Road Safety Management System (ROSMA) and Road Safety Audit policy and training.

Safer Roads for Motorcyclists 

Safer Roads for Motorcyclists is an instructional DVD developed by Main Roads to aid road designers, builders and maintenance staff when catering for motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists are a vulnerable road user group with specific needs that should be understood by those tasked with road design and maintenance.  As part of the Safe System Approach it is important to design and build a forgiving road environment for all road users.

Development of this instructional video was a result of the Road Safety Council’s Motorcycle & Scooter Safety Action Group forums which brought together relevant agency and motorcycling stakeholders to collect objective data and develop a list of solutions and action plans to improve the safety of motorcyclists on WA roads.  Under the Safe System approach cornerstone of Safe Roads and Roadsides, one of the action items was to develop a means of assisting the road design and maintenance sector with understanding of the particular needs of motorcyclists.


Studies have shown the safety of motorcyclists are compromised to a large extent by the design and operation of the road system, especially as motorcyclists differ in their use of the road compared with drivers of other motor vehicles.  As an example, manoeuvring a motorcycle in curves requires a motorcyclist taking a different line than drivers, and the motorcycle is steered and balanced as a result of a complex interaction of forces rarely incorporated into the road design.

Factors identified in contributing to the majority of motorcycle crash injuries include:

  • Inconspicuousness of motorcyclists at intersections and roundabouts, and
  • Single-vehicle run off road crashes into roadside furniture, trees and obstacles.

Mitigation of these trends requires emphasising the need to improve intersection design and for roadside treatments on road lengths where there is a high proportion of run-off-road crashes.

We acknowledge Vic Roads for their work in the development of the “Making roads motorcycle friendly” Victorian publication and for their support in allowing intellectual property rights to amend and produce this Western Australian publication.  The contribution of the Motorcycle Riders Association is also greatly appreciated.

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Modified: 29 Oct 2018