Crash Location Investigations

Main Roads, in cooperation with local government, conducts crash location investigations throughout Western Australia.  These investigations are road environment assessments, often triggered by the occurrence of a serious injury crash (eg fatality). Crash reconstruction and crash simulation are not undertaken as part of these investigations.


Conducting crash location investigations

Persons completing crash location investigations as team leaders need to be aware that there is a real possibility of their being called to give evidence at either an inquisitorial or adversial court hearing.  In recognition of this, Main Roads has established minimum training requirements for persons leading crash investigations.

We require that team leaders for crash investigations in Western Australia meet the following requirements;

  • Be an accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor; and
  • Have attended a Treatment of Crash Locations course (or approved equivalent).

A Crash Location Report team leader shall be an accredited Main Roads Crash Investigator. The crash investigation team shall have a minimum of two members, (desirably three members) including at least one representative from Main Roads, and preferably one
representative from Local Government/Other Agency or one person independent of these organisations.

However, we provide no warranty as to the suitability of any of the persons listed below to lead a road environment assessment. Persons or organisations seeking to engage a crash investigation team leader should satisfy themselves that the person has suitable prior experience and is capable of providing the required standard of services.


Accredited Crash Investigation Leaders

​Andy McMahon​Main Roads WA​138
​Raymond ReveleyMain Roads WA​​138
John McDonaldCity of Cockburn(08) 9411 3672  
Donald VealDonald Veal Consultants(08) 9572 2931
Steve McDermottGutteridge Haskins & Davey Pty Ltd(08) 9429 6514
Michael KlyneKlyne Consultants(08) 9385 8447
Lachlan MillarL Millar & Associates(08) 9246 5359
David MoysesMain Roads138 138
Bassam Abu ShamlehMain Roads138 138
Gren PutlandMain Roads138 138  
John MooreMain Roads138 138  
Aaron MilneMain Roads138 138

John Guy MooreKellogg Brown & Root(08) 9278 4100  
Theo HazebroekMain Roads138 138  
David Wilkinsi3 consultants WA

(08) 9467 7478

0407 440 327

Kimberly Brosztl

KIST Consulting0400 761 016
Tony ShawShawmac Pty Ltd(08) 9355 1300
Brian MeacockTraffic Engineering Services(08) 9367 8537
Franz WinklerTraffic Safety Consultants Pty Ltd(08) 9271 8970
Behnam BordbarTranscore Pty Ltd(08) 9382 4199
Enzo Biagioni-FroudistVan der Meer Associates(08) 9227 5599
Sharon ForsterMain Roads138 138
Bruce KingMain Roads138 138
Jan KarpinskiMain Roads138 138

Crash investigation training is available through ARRB or call them on 9227 3000. 


Modified: 20 Jan 2017