Australian Government Black Spot Program


Australian Government Black Spot Program

The Australian Government Black Spot Program was introduced as part of the Australian Government's commitment to reduce crashes on Australian roads. This website has information about the Australian Government Black Spot Program, funding conditions and allocations and how to nominate a black spot. Information on environmental and heritage implications and what makes a site eligible to become a Black Spot is also discussed.


2021/2022 Australia Government Black Spot Program Timetable

​April 2020

​Call for submissions

​10 July 2020​Metropolitan submissions close
​10 July 2020​Regional submissions close
​July to October 2020​Assessment of submissions
​November to December 2020​Preparation of recommended program
​January 2021​Australian Government Black Spot Program - State Panel Meeting
​February to April 2021​State Black Spot Program - review and recommendation
​May 2021​Program approval
​30 June 2022​Final expenditure for the 2021/22 program


2020/2021 Australia Government Black Spot Program Timetable

​April 2019Call for submissions​
​12 July 2019Metropolitan submissions close​
​12 July 2019Regional submissions close​
​July to October 2019Assessment of submissions​
​November to December 2019Prepare recommended program​
​January 2020State Panel meeting​
​February 2020Submit program for Australian Government Approval​
May 2020​Announcement of approval of the program​
​30 June 2021Final expenditure for the 2020/21 program​


2019/2020 Australia Government Black Spot Program Timetable

​April 2018​Call for submissions
​13 July 2018​Metropolitan submissions close
​13 July 2018​Regional submissions close
​July to October 2018​Assessment of submissions
​November to December 2018​Prepare recommended program
​January 2019​State Panel meeting
February 2019​Submit program for State Government Approval
​May 2019​Announcement of approval of the program
​30 June 2020​Final expenditure for the 2019/20 program 

    Australian Government Black Spot Program Schedules

    PDF versions of Black Spot Program schedules listing recommended State projects. These schedules include recommended projects for Perth and regional areas.


    Forms for the Australian Government Black Spot Program


    Modified: 29 Apr 2020