Road Safety Auditing

A Road Safety Audit is a formal, systematic, assessment of the potential road safety risks associated with a new road project or road improvement project conducted by an independent qualified audit team. The assessment considers all road users and suggests measures to eliminate or mitigate those risks.

To assist Main Roads to concentrate on its "Safety" area of focus, a strategic approach has been developed for the delivery of Road Safety Audit. This is a vital proactive road safety mechanism for assessing the road safety risk of permanent changes to the road network which incorporates Safe System principles embedded within the process. This is to be achieved by focusing the audit process on considering safe speeds and by providing forgiving roads and roadsides. This is to be delivered through the Road Safety Audit process, that accepts people will always make mistakes and by considering the known limits to crash forces the human body can tolerate, with the aim to reduce the risk of fatal and serious injury crashes.  


Our Policy


Road Safety Auditors, Training and Accreditation

The IPWEA WA / Main Roads WA Road Safety Audit Portal website provides an invaluable resource for road safety auditors, individuals interested in becoming a road safety auditor and organizations who appoint road safety audit teams in Western Australia. The Portal contains the official list of accredited auditors, training resources and accreditation requirements for auditors in Western Australia.


Our Templates

Templates have been developed to ensure adequate information is provided by clients when engaging road safety audit teams, and to provide consistency to the road safety audit reporting process.

The templates below provide the recommended structure for a road safety audit brief, road safety audit report and road safety inspection report which must be used when conducting the audit process on the State road network. The templates provided can be branded by organisations external to Main Roads; however the structure of the templates and findings must be retained.

Road Safety Audit Brief Template:
A road safety audit brief is the instructions prepared and approved by the client organisation and design team prepared using the recommended template. It defines the scope of the audit and provides sufficient information to enable the audit team to conduct the audit.

Road Safety Audit Report Template:
A road safety audit report template has been developed to provide consistency to the audit reporting process and to ensure audit teams focus on the crash risk of any identified findings.

The audit report template has been developed to include bookmarks to assist the audit reporting process by auto-populating repeated information throughout the report, and also populate the Corrective Action Report (CAR).

There is a completion procedure provided for auditors unfamiliar with the use of bookmarks and an optional template provided without bookmarks.

Road Safety Inspection Report Template:
A Road Safety Inspection is a formal examination of an existing road or road related area in which an independent, qualified team report on the crash and hazard potential and likely safety performance of the location. (Formerly known as an "Existing Road Safety Audit").

There is a bookmarked version of this template and an optional template provided without bookmarks. Refer to the audit report completion procedure for the bookmarked version.




Modified: 07 May 2018