Developing Land or Projects

Our purpose is to provide safe and efficient road access that will enhance community lifestyles and ensure economic prosperity.

Many land developments and projects will involve access onto the Main Roads regional road network, which will potentially impact on the safety and efficiency of the road network. To obtain the necessary approvals, we need to be contacted about developments or projects that will impact on the road network.


Identify the authority responsible for the road access

To find out if a road or a section of road is by Main Roads:

Roads that are not in the state road network are generally local roads managed by local government , or minor roads managed by other State Government agencies - such as park roads managed by the Department of Environment Regulation .

Note: Some roads in the state road network have statutory declared Control of Access, which revokes the general right of adjoining land to have direct vehicle and direct pedestrian access to these roads.


Contact us about the state road network

Please visit our Contact Us page to find contact details for our metropolitan and regional offices.


Modified: 16 May 2018