Turn Left on Red

As part of a number of initiatives, the feasibility of the 'turn left on red' concept's ability to reduce congestion while maintaining a safe environment for all road users is currently being researched.

'Turn left on red' allows motorists to turn left at a red light after stopping and giving way to any vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

A Left Turn on Red trial is currently underway in Brisbane. Following completion, the Brisbane City Council will conduct a review and publish their findings.

We will then evaluate the findings of the Brisbane report to determine if the concept would work in WA.

For further information about how the 'turn left on red' concept can work, please visit the Brisbane City Council website.

Image: TCMP image - Turn left on red.RCN-D14^23141637.PNG 

Image: Left turn on red by Brisbane City Council

Modified: 18 Nov 2014