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Main Roads trafficmap – fast, easy access to traffic data from more than 4000 sites across WA.

The trafficmap provides up to date traffic information about vehicles travelling on Western Australian roads – including the number and type of vehicles, speed of travel and at some locations the mass of the vehicle.

You are able to:

Image: External website asset - Icon - Search blue 30px.PNG  Search for your location 
Image: External website asset - Icon - Quick view blue.PNG  Quickly view current traffic volumes and speeds
Image: External Website asset - Icon - Trends Blue.PNG  View trends and detailed data from the last five years
Image: External Website asset - Icon - Filter Blue.PNG  Filter by year or type of vehicle, including bicycles
Image: External Website asset - Icon - Download blue.PNG  Download reports

If you are requesting standard SCATS data - a weekly snapshot of vehicles in an hourly format - why not visit trafficmap? Now featuring traffic signal data from more than 1,000 signalised intersections.

We collect traffic data to monitor the volume and speed of traffic on our roads, the way people use the road network and how this has changed over time. This is vital information used for planning for an efficient and safe road transport network now and into the future.

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Traffic Monitoring

Perth Metropolitan Traffic Counts 

Traffic data is obtained by installing equipment on the road. In the Perth Metropolitan Area we install at night when traffic volumes are lower to ensure the safety of road users and workers. Our traffic counters are identified with the Main Roads logo and contact number. The counts are on the road for approximately four days.

If a counter is creating a hazard to road users or is causing distress to residents due to noise, please contact 138 138 for advice.

Network Performance Sites 

These are sites which continuously collect traffic information for 24 hours of the day, each day of the year. They are installed at strategic locations on major roads to monitor changes in travel demand. There are approximately 170 sites collecting information about the number, type and speed of vehicles on the road. A further 50 sites are situated on cycle paths to report on the travel behaviours of cyclists.

To find out where these locations are go to trafficmap and look for the NPS icon  Image: External website assets - NPS Icon - 30px.JPG

Statewide Traffic Digest

This report summarises the average number of vehicles travelling at locations within Western Australia. Traffic volumes and freight (given as a percentage) are provided for the latest available six years.

 Traffic Digests by Region 


Ramp and Rotary Diagrams

Whilst we aim to describe traffic count locations using road names as they would appear on a map or street sign, some locations counted near on/off ramps or rotaries (roundabouts) may be identified using Main Roads internal road numbering system i.e. H704. The Ramp and Rotary Diagrams show these relative to the adjoining roads and include the road numbers for reference;


Further Information

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Modified: 12 Dec 2018