Road Information Mapping

We manage the State Road Network and holds a large amount of data and information relevant to these roads. 

We also hold a State wide view of local government road asset and network information.  In the future, this may also be extended to include Department of Environment and Conservation roads.

The Road Information Mapping System has been developed to provide some of this information in map form.

Road Information Mapping System

The following features are covered by the Road Information Mapping System: 

State Road Network

Declared Highways and main roads form the primary road network for Western Australia. These roads are State Roads and are collectively known as the State Road Network. Main Roads WA manages this network on behalf of the State.

Public roads not part of the State Road Network are generally local roads managed by Local Government or minor roads managed by other State Government agencies, such as national park roads managed by the Department of Environment and Conservation. 

From time to time responsibility for roads change between spheres of government or accountable agency.  For more information on the State Road Network, contact our Road Classification Manager on 138 138 or complete an online form.


Road Hierarchy

A Road Hierarchy is a listing of roads that perform designated roles required of the road network. It also provides criteria to describe each road type.

The type designated to each road should represent the role that the road is intended to perform. It may not necessarily reflect the current conditions on the road.

More information on the Road Hierarchy is provided through the following links:


Control of Access

Some roads in the State Road Network have statutory declared Control of Access, which revokes the general right of adjoining land to have direct vehicle and direct pedestrian access to these roads. 

Additions and modifications to the State Road network and Control of Access occur from time to time and the following changes are under consideration:

  • Extension of Tonkin Highway from Kellet Drive to Thomas Road as a "Highway with Control of Access";
  • Extension of Kwinana Freeway from Safety Bay Road "Highway with Control of Access";
  • Extension of Mitchell Freeway from Hodges Drive to Romeo Road as "Highway with Control of Access";
  • Forrest Highway as "Highway with Control of Access";
  • West Coast highway from Curtin Avenue to Oceanic Drive as "Highway with Control of Access";
  • Muirs Highway - Mt Barker Bypass as Main Road with Control of Access;
  • Geraldton Southern Transport Corridor as "Highway with Control of Access";
  • John Willcock Link as "Highway with Control of Access"; and
  • Indian Ocean Drive as "Main Road with Control of Access".

Note: The maps do not show Control of Access for interchange ramps. All ramps linking to a Control of Access road have Control of Access.

For further information regarding Control of Access, please contact the Land Graphics Coordinator on 138 138.


Speed Limits

We are responsible for all speed limit and speed zones on public roads in Western Australia. We monitor all roads with a sign posted speed limit and approve changes to speed zones. For current speed zone changes, please visit our Speed & Signal Changes page.

As recommended by Australian Standards, we generally don't speed zone or install advisory speed signs on unsealed roads. For these roads, the built-up are 50 km/h speed limit, any other applied area speed limit, the State 110 km/h limit, or vehicle class default speed limit, is applicable, subject to the driver driving at a speed appropriate to the road conditions.

All enquiries should be directed to the Road Services Office (Speed Zoning) on 138 138.



Structures span roads, water or other physical obstacles and are a significant asset in WA. The structures included in RIM are road, rail and pedestrian bridges owned by Main Roads, Shires and Government agencies.

For further information, please contact the Structural Information and Standards Manager on 138 138.


Modified: 10 Apr 2018