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Our Roads

We are currently responsible for Western Australia‚Äôs main road network.

You can find out which roads we are specifically responsible for by visiting our Metropolitan Roads and Regional Roads pages.

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Road Classification

There are several road classification systems in use in Western Australia. Each has a different purpose. The Administrative Classification system determines which sphere of government has management responsibility for public roads (Main Roads or local government).

Following consultation with WALGA and local government, by way of a jointly represented working group, we have released updated criteria for identifying administrative responsibility of roads within built up areas (usually State or local government). These amended criteria have been posted on the WALGA website for member comment. Following consideration of any feedback from WALGA, the new criteria will be implemented and PART 2 - GUIDELINES FOR DETERMINING AND ASSIGNING RESPONSIBILITY FOR ROADS IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Administrative Classification of Public Roads (urban section) will be updated.

Information about administrative classification policy and assessment criteria is available through the following links:

Road Classification Policy - Part 1

Conditions of roads proposed for transfer - Appendix C to Part 1

Classification Assessment Criteria - Part 2

Initiating a road classification review

Future State Administered Roads

Template - Administrative Classification Assessment - for Urban Roads in Built Up Areas (Perth and Peel Region)


Road Information Mapping

A Road Information Mapping (RIM) system has been developed to provide information in map form about various aspects of road management and responsibility, covering:

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

We are committed to delivering efficiency and improved safety to the management of the road network. This is targeted through use of an Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

Find out more about our Intelligent Transport System, what it's about and how it is being used to improve our road network. 

Road Crash Statistics

The Road Safety Commission provides accurate and up-to-date road crash statistics.


Modified: 11 Jan 2019