Environmental Policy

We manage the state's road network to provide safe and efficient road access that will enhance community lifestyles and support economic prosperity.  We seek to achieve balanced and sustainable outcomes for the community.  Responsible environmental stewardship in developing and maintaining the road network is critical to our success.  We have an Environmental Policy which commits us to responsible environmental management of our road network.


Our Environmental Management System

Our independently certified and audited Environmental Management System (EMS) covers all of our processes and activities that have the potential to impact on the environment.  Our EMS ensures compliance with our environment and heritage compliance obligations.  It provides the framework for driving environmental requirements throughout our leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and improvement actions.

Through the implementation of our EMS we;

  • Enhance our environmental performance;
  • Fulfil our compliance obligations; and
  • Achieve our environmental objectives. 

Certificate of Registration for the Environmental Management System


Modified: 13 Sep 2016