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​Contracting at Main Roads

Environmental management requirements are applied throughout a project’s lifecycle. The technical information and templates that employees and contractors need to be aware of to complete activities and projects can be found under Building Roads.

For consultants conducting environmental or heritage surveys on our behalf, the following ESRI Geodatabase Templates are available for use in accordance with the Main Roads Environmental and Heritage Data Standa​rds.

Geodatabase Template Main Roads Environment and Heritage Data Standards

Main Roads Environment and Heritage Data Standards Raw Data Template

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Image: Gateway WA contractors


Road Traffic Noise Assessments

We provide advice on traffic noise considerations to Local Governments and land developers to help ensure compatible land-use development. The minimum standards we expect from acoustic assessment reports are provided in the Requirements for Road Traffic Noise Assessments fact sheet. These minimum standards are provided to consultants as recommendations in our advice.

Further information can also be found on the Supplement to Austroads Guide to Road Design - Part 6B page.

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Image: Noise wall


Environmental Incident Reporting and Investigation

An environmental incident is any event resulting from the activities of Main Roads, Contractors working on our behalf and third parties, which has the potential to cause, or has caused, an adverse effect on the environment, or has resulted in a complaint relating to an environmental issue. All environmental incidents must be identified, reported, investigated and reviewed. Appropriate corrective actions are to be undertaken and processes revised as appropriate to prevent recurrence.

The Environment Incident Reporting Form is to be used to report any environmental incidents to Main Roads and notify the Environment Branch.


Sustainability is one of the four guiding principles under our strategic direction. We aspire "to provide world class outcomes for the customer through a safe, reliable and sustainable road-based transport system”. Sustainability is a key part of achieving the government goal of an integrated transport solution, creating an efficient and user friendly state wide transport network.

Please refer to Sustainability for further information.

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Image: Narrows Bridge

Modified: 22 Jun 2020