Environmental Management at Main Roads


​Environmental Management System

We are committed to achieving continual improvement in environmental management. To support the delivery of this commitment, we have a certified (to ISO 14001:2015) Environmental Management System (EMS) to enhance our environmental performance and facilitate the management of environmental risks.

The intended outcomes of the EMS are to:

  • enhance our environmental performance
  • fulfil our compliance obligations
  • achieve our environmental objectives

Our EMS covers our products, processes and activities that have the potential to impact on the environment and ensures compliance with our environment and heritage compliance obligations. The core components of the EMS are:

Image: Environmental Management System diagram.JPG 

Please see our Certificate of Registration for the Environmental Management System.


Environmental Policy

We manage the state's road network to provide safe and efficient road access that enhances community lifestyles and supports economic prosperity. We seek to achieve balanced and sustainable outcomes for the community. Responsible environmental stewardship in developing and maintaining the road network is critical to our success.

Our Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to environmental management principles and objectives that provide the overall intentions and direction of the organisation. It is implemented across the organisation through our Environmental Management System and processes. The Policy is available to all our employees and stakeholders and is a component of our staff environmental awareness training and induction. It is communicated to contractors and providers through our Contract Management System.

Main Roads Environmental Objectives, Targets and Indicators expand on commitments made in the Policy and provide a basis for developing programs to manage environmental risks.  Achieving the environmental objectives and targets demonstrates the policy commitments are delivered. Environmental objectives, targets and indicators are currently under review and will be made available once finalised.

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Image: Environment Officers 

Environment Branch

Our Environment Branch manages policy, systems, processes and strategic projects relating to the environment and heritage. The Branch also oversees the Corporate EMS and supports the delivery of our core business. It ensures the relevant environmental direction, commitments and principles are communicated to relevant process owners and users throughout the organisation.

Environment Officers provide environmental advice, training and assistance to all regions across the state. They obtain the required environmental approvals, assist in project planning and raise environmental awareness in the region. Environment Branch also has heritage officers and revegetation and urban design specialists. 

Environmental Management Applied through the Project Lifecycle

We manage our operations using a systematic approach in which all of our activities are screened for potential environmental impacts. To find more about how environmental management is applied through the project lifecycle, please see our factsheet.  

All maintenance works are conducted under Main Roads EMS. The Environment Branch has developed a range of Operational Controls to be implemented into the planning and implementation of maintenance activities.

Modified: 17 Jun 2020