Environment and Heritage

We are committed to protecting and enhancing the natural environmental and social values in all of our activities.

Western Australia’s environment and heritage is of significant importance from a global perspective, and Main Roads recognises the conservation values of our road reserve. In some locations, road reserves contain threatened flora and fauna, or habitat suitable for threatened species. Our road network often adjoins natural areas and in some locations the reserve itself hosts remnant vegetation with high environmental values.

We have a responsibility to protect environmental values that may be affected by our operations and ensure we minimise our environmental impacts considering the magnitude of our infrastructure. We are committed to protecting and enhancing the natural environmental and social values in all of our activities.

All staff and others working on our behalf:

  • Recognise the importance of the natural environmental and social values and the broader benefits these values provide to the community
  • Foster strategic relationships with community and other stakeholders to contribute to the management of environmental values
  • Facilitate environmental governance of our activities to deliver broad community benefit through the inclusion of environmental requirements in planning, programming, construction and maintenance processes
  • Communicate our Environmental Policy and our environmental performance publicly

For further information on our Environment and Heritage Management, please select the following pages:

  • Our Environment
  • Environmental Management at Main Roads
    • Environmental Management System
    • Environmental Policy
    • Environment Branch
    • Environmental Management Applied through the Project Lifecycle
  • Heritage
    • Aboriginal Heritage and Native Title
    • European Heritage
  • Useful Links
    • Contracting at Main Roads
    • Road Traffic Noise Assessments
    • Environmental Incident Reporting and Investigation
    • Sustainability
Image: Fitzgerald River National Park (from Image Library).PNG
​Image: Fitzgerald River National Park


Key Achievements

Please refer to our annual report for further information.


Continual Improvement and Feedback

We strive for continual improvement in environmental management. If you have any feedback please Contact Us.

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Image: Eucalyptus caesia

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