Specifications, Design Guidelines and Standard Drawings

​The quality of Electrical and ITS works depends upon accurate and clear technical requirements.

The primary source of technical requirements are the 700 series specifications. Further information and a link to these specifications is below. A secondary source is our design guidelines, which aim to inform rather than specify. A link to these guidelines is also below. Links to standard drawings supporting both specifications and guidelines are also provided. Note that the lighting design guideline below has a large section in respect of funding arrangements.

700 Series Specifications

The specifications in the 700 series form part of AS 2124 major works contracts for Main Roads. These specifications are generally incorporated into other Main Roads contracts for minor works, maintenance or alliance arrangements. As such, work on the Main Roads Electrical and ITS asset base not in accordance with these specifications is highly likely to also be a contractual non-conformance.

The 700 series specifications are arranged by equipment type and cover the complete scope of work to construct that item, including procurement, installation, commissioning and handover. Ancillary minor structural and civil requirements are also addressed as applicable. Most specifications include a set of template construction drawings which should be downloaded and the AutoCAD files modified as necessary. These drawings will need to be provided to Main Roads as part of the handover acceptance process and the project Asset Data Requirements List (ADRL).

More information on the handover acceptance process including the ADRL is contained in the Handover of Electrical and ITS Assets Policy and Procedure available on the Quality and Inspection Policy for Electrical and ITS Assets page.

Design Guidelines

Technical requirements of a design advice or policy nature are generally included in design guidelines for the specific item of equipment. The most important guidelines are those for lighting and traffic signals, which explain the technical specification requirements in detail. Note that the road lighting guideline also includes a Part A – Policy Statement in respect of when road lighting is appropriate. There is further a Part B in respect of applying for funding assistance from Main Roads and a Part D for the administration of the funding arrangements. Part C is omitted. A list of Design Guidelines with links is below.

Standard Drawings

We have developed many standard Electrical and ITS drawings, which complement specifications and design guidelines.