Quality and Inspection Policy for Electrical and ITS Assets

Main Roads Western Australia depends upon the work performed by the Electrical and Intelligent Transport systems (ITS) supply chain. The quality of the work performed in both maintenance and construction is important for achieving operational outcomes.

Asset Handover Inspections and Audits

To ensure an acceptable level of quality, we conduct both proactive and reactive inspections and audits. The framework under which we undertake inspections and audits for the handover of new projects into maintenance is set out in the documents linked below. In broad terms, we will undertake activity in the following manner:

  • Audit and inspection criteria will be developed by the inspector and agreed with the project manager prior to attending site
  • Findings will be agreed with the project manager and recorded against the criteria 
  • The project manager is to develop an action plan to address deficiencies for agreement with the inspector
  • The inspector will follow up on the action plan to closeout

Handover of Electrical and ITS Assets Policy

Handover of Electrical and ITS Assets Procedure

Asset Drawing and Data Requirements Procedure

Technical documentation on the installation, operation and maintenance of new assets must be handed over to Main Roads following works completion to ensure adequate asset performance and facilitate maintenance.

This is an essential aspect of constructing new electrical and ITS assets, as any lack of necessary technical documentation has the potential to severely affect operational outcomes.

Accordingly, Project Managers will generally be required to submit documentation in accordance with an Asset Data Requirements List (ADRL) of all documents required for an item of equipment. The framework for the process is set out in the documents linked below. In broad terms, the following actions need to be completed:

  • An ADRL is prepared by Main Roads and is an outline of typical documentation required, ideally this forms part of any tender and includes timeframes
  • The ADRL requires the preparation and submission of a Contract Drawing and Data List (CDDL) by the vendor
  • This CDDL lists out all documentation to be provided as part of the supply for review in order to capture necessary installation, Operation and Maintenance technical information at an early project stage
  • The vendor submits the information in the CDDL for review during the fabrication process to the agreed timeframes
  • All information in the CDDL is submitted as part of a final Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM)

Electrical and ITS Asset Drawing and Data Requirements Policy ‚Äč

Electrical and ITS Asset Drawing and Data Requirements Procedure

Asset Data Requirements List

Specification 703 CCTV Asset Data Requirements List

Specificiation 708 VDS Asset Data Requirements List