Design Processes

​Electrical and ITS Engineering Design must be undertaken according to the processes outlined below.

We maintain a database of design drawings for the Electrical and ITS Asset Base. New designs on existing roads must be undertaken using the current AutoCAD design drawings as a basis. The current AutoCAD drawings can be requested as per below. These design drawings require assets to be individually and uniquely numbered and the process to obtain new numbers is outlined below.

Further detailed information in respect of the above is contained within the Handover of Electrical and ITS Assets Policy and Procedure available on the Quality and Inspection Policy for Electrical and ITS Assets page.

Obtaining Asset Drawings

To receive a copy of asset drawings, please forward your inquiry to  

In your email please identify the following:

  • Locality
  • Street Name
  • Asset Type
  • Project Name
  • Contract Details

New Asset Number Requests

All requests for asset numbers are to be made using the Electrical Asset Number Request form, and submitted electronically to

Numbers should be requested during the design stage of any project to allow for assets to be accurately referenced within drawings and plans.

Please note that requests for multiple assets must be made on separate forms unless agreed with the Manager Electrical Asset Management or delegate before submission.

Design Review Requests

For all your design reviews, please submit your request to elec&

We aim to reply to all requests within 10 working days. You will be notified if additional time is required to respond.