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Date amended:  18-07-2019

The information below is intended to reflect the preferred practice of Main Roads Western Australia ("Main Roads"). Main Roads reserves the right to update this information at any time without notice. If you have any questions or comments please contact Glyn Mattock  by e-mail or on (08) 9323 4709.

To the extent permitted by law, Main Roads, its employees, agents, authors and contributors are not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on the information below or changes to its preferred practice.

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Description of Revision Date
2 5 Clause numbers removed from Earthwork Standards document  02-Jun-2005
3 3 Digital Services Models standard included 03-Jan-2006
4 2 Digital Rectified Images standard updated


5 4 Road Reference Mark Standard updated 29-Nov-2006
6 3 Longitudinal Line Marking standard removed. Issued as a guideline 15-Jun-2007
7 6 Property Management Graphics updated 13-Jun-2008
8 3 Waterways Standard removed replaced with Guideline 20-Jun-2008
9 2 Mapping Standard Updated 16-Oct-2008
10 3 "Surveying Instrument Specifications, Testing and Calibration" removed and replaced with Guideline. 19-Feb-2009
11 2 Mapping Standard Updated 09-Mar-2009
12 3 Digital Ground Survey Standard updated 20-Mar-2009
12A 4 Geodetic - 67-08-37 "Minor Control Points" updated. 26-Jun-2009
12B 4 Geodetic - Document Number of "Minor Control Points" changed to 04/10040 03-Nov-2009
12C 3 "Digital Services Models Standard" removed and replaced with "Underground Utilities Survey Standard" 12-Nov-2009
13 4 Geodetic - Document Number of "Minor Control Points" changed to 67-08-37 25-Feb-2010
14 4 Geodetic - 67-08-35 "Standard Survey Mark Control" updated. 03-Mar-2010
15 5 Quality Statement Link removed. 26-May-2010
16 4 Link to Road Reference Mark updated. 25-May-2011
17 4 Geodetic - 67-08-36 - Dot Point 7.3 of "Road Referance Marks" updated. 16-Aug-2011
18 4 Reference to Operational Requirements for RTK GPS Surveying removed 16-Aug-2011
19 4 Link to Road Reference Mark updated. 09-Mar-2012
20 2 Mapping Standard Revised. 14-Mar-2012
21 4 Geodetic - 67-08-38 "Third Order Levelling" updated. 31-Jul-2012
22 6 Property Management Graphics 67-08-48 updated. 28-Sep-2012
​23 ​4 ​Settlement Monitoring Standard 67-08-108 Updated ​01-Feb-2013
​24 ​All ​All links updated ​04-Feb-2013
​25 ​1 ​Link to "Contact for Help in Surveying" rectified. ​05-Aug-2013
​26 ​4 ​Settlement Monitoring Standard 67-08-108 Updated ​05-Sep-2013
​27 ​4 ​Minor Control Points Standard 67-08-37 Updated ​15-Nov-2013
​28 ​All ​Standards 67-08-44 (Mapping), 67-08-121 (Underground Utilities), 67-08-43 (Digital Ground Survey) and 67-08-37 (Minor Control Points) updated to include minor adjustments in Envioronmental Impacts Statement ​10-Dec-2013
​29 ​4

​67-08-35 Standard Survey Mark Control Updated

67-08-36 Road Reference Marks Updated

67-08-37 Minor Control Points Updated

67-08-38 Third Order Levelling updated and changed name to Differential Levelling

​30 ​4 ​67-08-36 Road Reference Mark Standard updated to eliminate the use of RTK GNSS for the establishment of RRM control. ​11-Jun-2014
​31 ​4 ​67-08-36 Road Reference Marks Standard - Appendix F updated. ​23-Jun-2014
​32 ​6 ​Clause No. 6 Property Management removed. ​04-Aug-2014
​33​3​67-08-43 Digital Ground Surveys updated. Minor wording change around project zone parameters.​27-Oct-2014
​34​4​67-08-36 Road Reference Marks Standard updated. Major changes in the use of RTK for observations.​12-Feb-2015
​35​3​67-08-121 Underground Utilities Standard revised and updated. Major changes in the coding and collection of features for different class utilities models.​11-Jun-2015
​36​5​New Survey Metadata Standard and associated metadata statement forms published​29-Jul-2015
​37​5​Minor amendments to Survey Metadata Standard​31-Jul-2015
​38​5​Minor amendments to PDF forms and Metadata Standard document​3-Feb-2016
​39​4​67-08-38 Differential Levelling Standard updated​3-Feb-2016
​40​4​67-08-38 Differential Levelling Standard updated​18-Mar-2016
​41​3​​67-08-121 Underground Utilities Standard revised and updated.​29-Apr-2016
​42​3​​​67-08-121 Underground Utilities Standard minor amendments​02-Aug-2016
​43​4​67-08-108 Settlement Monitoring Standard revised to include placement of structure monitoring pins​08-Aug-2016



​All Geodetic Survey Standards documents revised and updated format

Survey Metadata Standard revised and updated format


67-08-43 New Digital Ground Survey Standard

All Geodetic Survey Standards published as PDF

New Digital Ground Survey Feature Codes List

New Survey Report Template

String Compressor Utility uploaded

​46​3​67-08-43 Digital Ground Survey Standard - minor formatting and adding of links​4-May-2017
​47​3​67-08-121 Underground Utilities Standard reviewed and updated​11-May-2017
​48​3​Digital Ground Survey Feature Codes list minor update - Amcom and Vocus services use same code due to amalgamation​12-July-2017
​49​3​D17#301448 Survey Report Template minor changes in details of survey control​26-July-2017
​50​2New ​D17#859180 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Stockpile Volume Standard uploaded​27-Oct-2017
​51​3​Digital Ground Survey Feature Codes list minor update​06-Mar-2018
​52​5​New Main Roads WA Survey Map Files, Projection Transformation Files for 12D uploaded​15-Mar-2018
​53​3​New D14#152062 Mobile Laser Scanning Standard published​29-Mar-2018
​54​2​New D18#292226 Aerial Lidar Data Delivery Document published​20-Apr-2018
​55​2​Aerial Lidar Data Delivery Document update​11-May-2018
​56​5​Main Roads WA Survey Map Files and Projection Transformation files for 12 split and updated​25-Jun-2018
​57​3​Contact updated, 67-08-121 Underground Utilities Survey Standard updated​27-Jun-2018
​58​2​Updated ​D17#515978 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Stockpile Volume Standard uploaded​07-Aug-2018
​59​4​Updated 67-08-36 Road Reference Mark Standard uploaded​25-Sep-2018
​60​5​Metadata Statement Form - Underground Utilities updated​17-04-2019
​61​3​D14#152062 Mobile Laser Scanniong Standard updated​18-July-2019

Table of Content

1. Introduction

The following standards have been developed for Main Roads Survey and Mapping work.  The application of these standards will ensure continuity across Main Roads in the capture of information and enable designers to work on a common platform.

Survey and Mapping requirements and details will vary between projects and specialist advice can be obtained from the appropriate discipline area in Who do I contact for help in Surveying?

Please click on the required standards.

2. Mapping

67-08-44 "Mapping"
67-08-12 "Digital Rectified Images"

D17#515978 "RPA Stockpile Volume Standard"

D15#224538 "Aerial Lidar Data Delivery Document"


3. Engineering Surveying

67-08-43       "Digital Ground Survey"

D17#301448 "Survey Report Template"

D17#307405   "Digital Ground Survey Feature Codes"

67-08-121      "Underground Utilities Survey Standard"

D14#152062 "Mobile Laser Scanning Standard"

4. Geodetic

67-08-35   "Standard Survey Mark Control"
67-08-36   "Road Reference Marks"
67-08-37   "Minor Control Points"
67-08-38   "Differential Levelling"
67-08-108 "Settlement Monitoring"


5. Data Management

D18#195061 "12D Survey Map Files"

D18#455585 "12D Projection Transformation Files"

D17#325758  "String Compressor Utility"

D17#325995 "String Compression Utility Tips and Tricks"

67-08-90       "Earthwork Volume Calculations"

D15#321963 "Survey Metadata Standard"

D15#329507 Metadata Statement Form - Detail Ground Survey

D15#329510 Metadata Statement Form - Digital Rectified Imagery

D15#329513 Metadata Statement Form - Mapping

D15#329516 Metadata Statement Form - Point Cloud

D15#329521 Metadata Statement Form - Underground Utilities