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The State Land Information Capture Program (SLICP) is coordinated by Western Australia Land Information System (WALIS).  Its purpose is to identify common data capture or acquisition programs through out the state for digital data, aerial photography, satellite imagery and map production. 

WALIS is a consortium of 27 State Government agencies working with local government, business, education and the community to manage the state's land and geographic information data bases.  The program aims to significantly reduce costs in government through the elimination of duplicate data capture within the WALIS agencies and to eliminate the use of inconsistent information in acquisition programs.

Submissions are compiled annually by Main Roads and are forwarded to WALIS by the required date.  The Senior Mapping Surveyor will prompt project managers annually, prior to this date, to provide details on proposed data acquisition requirements.  Submissions by project managers for SLICP are to be provided to the Senior Mapping Surveyor on the following standard forms, preferably electronically.  Please copy blank documents before filling in the details.  For aerial photography, please complete the air photo standard form.  Requested aerial photography will additionally require a scaled diagram denoting the area to be covered.  This diagram must be received by the Senior Mapping Surveyor to be included into the submissions.  Submissions for digital data is to be requested on the digital data standard form and forwarded to the Senior Mapping Surveyor.

If your request is accepted under the SLICP program it will be undertaken at subsidised rates.  All submissions are prioritised in accordance with the priority model for SLICP.  Final prioritisation is performed by WALIS when all submissions have been accepted.  Projects which are supported by multiple Government agencies receive a higher priority within the SLICP program.  SLICP has a limited budget and therefore it is essential for project managers to seek support from other WALIS agencies and to provide supporting documentation, to enable projects to receive a high priority. 

Items not accepted in the SLICP program can be costed by Main Roads, if requested, to provide an idea of preliminary costing for future works.

For more information about SLICP and to be link to the WALIS website