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The following links provide additional resource information for Geodetic databases, standards and issues.

Please contact the Senior Geodetic Surveyor if you require further information.

Landgate - Landgate provides a broad range of online products and services and is a gateway to Western Australia's land and property information.

SP1 Manual (ICSM)   - This manual was developed by the Intergovernmental Committee of Survey and Mapping and provides a set of nationally recognised geodetic standards.

Geoscience Australia (Formerly AUSLIG) - Geoscience Australia is the national agency for geoscience research and geospatial information.

ANZLIC - ANZLIC is the peak council for public sector spatial data management in Australia and New Zealand.

Interagency GPS Executive Board - The Interagency GPS Executive Board was established by the Presidential directive in 1996 to manage the Global Positioning System (GPS) and its U.S. Government augmentations as a national asset.  This link provides current information on GPS satellite information. 

Curtin University - Geodesy Group - This site displays the latest geodetic research projects undertaken by the Curtin University Geodesy Group.