Geodetic Computations

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The Senior Geodetic Surveyor can provide advice on geodetic computations and other survey computations for your project requirements.  Below are the most common transformations computed:

AMG 84 to GDA 94:  This transformation is used to convert corporate data sets (e.g. road centrelines, material reserves) into the new National Co-ordinate System.  Please refer to the policy on Co-ordinate Systems for more information on this transformation and the various methods of transformation.

GDA 94/AMG 84 to Project Zone:  All designs and set out for Main Roads Projects are completed on Main Roads WA approved Project Zones.  These Project Zones allow for calculations and set out work to be completed without the curvature of the Earth being factored in.

Easting/Northing to Latitude/Longitude:  This calculation is used to change position on the earth to be identified from metres to degrees, minutes and seconds and vice versa.

Geoid/Spheroid Separation:  This calculation is used to convert GPS measured heights into useable and identifiable AHD heights.

Least Square Adjustment Review:  All Main Roads WA control networks are computed via a Least Square adjustment technique which proportions error out through the control network.  The review will ensure there is adequate redundancy within the survey network and the adjustment computed is correct.

Please contact the Senior Geodetic Surveyor for information regarding the above computations or other survey computation requirements.