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Metadata, or data about data, describes the content, quality, currency and availability of data. Metadata assists people who use digital information to find the data they need and determine how best to use it. By properly documenting the characteristics of data, the data can be accessed and used at any time without any prior knowledge of the origin. In essence metadata is a historical record of the data.

The information needed to create metadata is often readily available when the data is collected and can detail information about:

  • data collection methods, integration and analysis techniques.
  • accuracy of the dataset, its processing history And contact information for the custodians, owners and collectors of the data
  • coordinate projections, scale, and a data dictionary used in describing terms used.
  • content, quality and geographic extent of the datasets so potential users can assess its suitability in meeting project specifics.


In regards to Metadata statements for Detail Ground Surveys, Digital Mapping, Point Cloud and Underground Utilities Surveys, please see Main Roads’ Metadata Standard. Detailed forms have been developed for each of these types.