OpenRoads Design Standards

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The information below is intended to reflect the preferred practice of Main Roads Western Australia ("Main Roads"). Main Roads reserves the right to update this information at any time without notice. If you have any questions or comments please contact David Nicholls by email or ph (08) 9323 4325.

To the extent permitted by law, Main Roads, its employees, agents, authors and contributors are not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on the information herein displayed.

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This guideline defines MRWA preferred practice along with naming conventions for all survey, mapping and design data used or developed for OpenRoads projects undertaken for Main Roads.



The OpenRoads CONNECT Advisor includes an extensive library of learning modules and videos. For Australian content search SEAPAC SIG.



Microstation DGN is the general format used for the supply and transfer of OpenRoads data.

MX "genio" ascii file is the standard MRWA format currently used for exporting data from OpenRoads for construction set-out or to other design software packages.

For information on the use and formatting of genio files refer to: MX Data, Model and String Naming



Logical file names in conjunction with a suitable metadata statement should be used to provide sufficient information to clearly identify the data.

For naming of genio files refer to: MX Data, Model and String Naming



Naming conventions for typical design models should include Type, Name and Grid used ie:

Terrain Rowley PCG94,  Alignment Rowley PCG94,  Corridor Rowley PCG 94



 Corridor templates should be given a meaningful name according to the template purpose ie: Dual Carriageway kerbed.

Template component names should reflect the component material ie: Basecourse.

Template point names used shall be as per the supplied ANZ point name list.



The MRWA Design Workspace is provided as part of the installed ANZ Dataset and should be used when doing work for Main Roads WA.

Where required updated versions of workspace files are available for download on this page.



This is a project level workspace where project dgn's and project specific standards are located.

Included in the supplied WorkSets is _MRWA Project Template.

It is suggested that this template be used when setting up a specific project



Project Directory Structure

It is recommended that separate design files (dgn's) be used for each design component, for example Survey, Alignment, Corridor, drainage etc. Referencing is used extensively.

The supplied _MRWA Project Template contains a suggested directory structure.


Coordinate System

The correct project coordinate system should be assigned to dgn's created, this will enable transformations on the fly when referencing in data in another coordinate system.


Feature Definitions

The supplied ANZ feature definitions shall be used exclusively for MRWA projects


Design Element Naming

Design elements such as alignments, corridors and other components should be given meaningful names such as MC01 and MC01_Corridor etc.

Naming of design elements allows them to be easily identified in OpenRoads explorer.


Design Intent and Control Description

It is recommended that corridor controls be in a separate dgn and referenced to the corridor. Descriptive text on a construction layer can be used to describe the design intent between chainages such as “point control widening 3% crossfall".

Including descriptive text on a non-plot level enables reviewers and other designers to determine what design controls have been applied.



Plans, profiles and Cross section drawings are referenced to the design model to enable design changes to update the drawings automatically therefore this link must be maintained.

Drawing presentation is based on the MRWA sheet seeds and annotations provided in the ANZ and MRWA workspaces provided.

For general drawing presentation refer to MRWA on-line Presentation drawings.   



Below are links to downloadable MRWA standard files:

The files below are updated or additional to the MRWA workspace provided with the latest version of Open

Corridor Template

MRWA Superelevation

MRWA Sheet Seeds

MRWA Design Feature Definitions

MRWA Subsurface Utilities