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The information below is intended to reflect the preferred practice of Main Roads Western Australia ("Main Roads"). Main Roads reserves the right to update this information at any time without notice. If you have any questions or comments please contact Andrew Berry by e-mail or on (08) 9323-4137.

To the extent permitted by law, Main Roads, its employees, agents, authors and contributors are not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on the information below.

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Main Roads, Road and Traffic Engineering Branch currently use MX for road design and AutoCAD or Microstation for drawing production.

Consultants shall check with the Main Roads drawing asset owner, that when lodging drawing files they are compatible with the current versions of AutoCAD or Microstation being used by Main Roads.

Main Roads preference is for drawings to be provided in AutoCAD *.dwg format, however Microstation *.dgn format files will also be accepted.

    • The drawing file shall be named as per the drawing number.
      e.g. Drawing Number 200211-0068 = File Name 200211-0068.dwg(dgn)
    • Amended drawings will retain the same drawing file name as the original drawing.
      e.g. Drawing Number 200211-0068-1 = File Name 200211-0068.dwg(dgn)

Upon request, drawing numbers will be issued by the asset owner for all drawings prepared for Main Roads. Cross-referencing of drawings shall be done using Main Roads drawing numbers.

All drawings are to be supplied with the correct Main Roads drawing numbers.

Drawing numbers consist of three variables. These are as follows:

  • The calendar year in which the drawing numbers were provided, expressed as 2002.
  • The Main Roads Region, Branch or Directorate number. This number represents the custodian or owner of the final drawings.
    • 01    -   Great Southern
    • 02    -   South West
    • 05    -   Goldfields Esperance
    • 06    -   Kimberley
    • 08    -   Wheatbelt
    • 11    -   Pilbara
    • 14    -   Mid West - Gascoyne
    • 21    -   Asset & Geospatial Information
    • 30    -   Pavement & Structures
    • 31    -   Road & Traffic Engineering (Standard contract, guideline & presentation drawings only)
    • 32    -   Planning Information
    • 44    -   Major Projects (Project or contract management purposes only)
    • 48    -   Metropolitan
  • A sequential block of numbers issued for each project can be obtained through the Main Roads officer responsible for the project. Only drawing numbers issued by the Main Roads asset owner shall be used.

Example of typical drawing number  -  200211-0068

Consultants may use design lots if required to manage projects with a large number of drawings. Main Roads drawing numbers shall be applied to all drawings.


For information relating to design submission standards refer to Survey and Geospatial Services Data Management Guidelines.

All drawings prepared for Main Roads shall be supplied in AutoCAD *.dwg or Microstation *.dgn and PDF format.

The PDF file shall be a scanned copy of the original signed drawing.

At the document handover stage of all projects, completed drawings shall be supplied electronically on write only CD's or DVD's. Main Roads retains copyright over all completed designs.


Drawings produced for the Concept Design and/or Preliminary Design stages can be supplied in "roll format". It may be preferable for the Consultant to provide plan/profile, cross section, pavement marking and drainage strategy drawings in roll format, rather than on standard Main Roads drawing sheets with title blocks. These drawings may be submitted as either colour or monochrome plots and shall contain the following information: - scale, project title, date, sketch and/or drawing number and metadata information.

Particular drawings showing locality plan, drawing index, typical cross sections, typical details, may still need to be produced on standard Main Roads drawing sheets with title blocks in accordance with the project requirements.


Drawings shall be produced on standard Main Roads drawing sheets with title blocks in accordance with the project requirements.


All drawings prepared using MX software shall use the standard Main Roads; "Plan Style Sets" and "Feature Name Sets".

Name Feature Name & Plan Style Sets Description

MRWA Survey Colour

MRWA Survey Colour V2.fns MRWA Survey Colour V2.pss

Displays MRWA Survey style set in colour

MRWA Survey Grey

MRWA Survey Grey V2.fns MRWA Survey Grey V2.pss

Displays MRWA Survey style set in grey

MRWA Design

MRWA Design.fns
MRWA Design.pss

Displays MRWA Road Design style

Survey plan style sets string naming shall be in accordance with

The MRWA Road plan style sets have been based on the National String Naming Convention and Main Roads pen colours and are in accordance with Data, Model and String Naming Conventions.


At the document handover stage of all projects, completed drawings shall be supplied electronically. All CAD plan model space drawing files including external references must be supplied in the coordinate system as prescribed by document 67-08-43 Digital Ground Survey. Main Roads retains copyright over all completed designs.

All drawings lodged are to be listed in a drawing register, supplied in an MS Excel spreadsheet. This register shall contain the following:

  • Main Roads Drawing Number
  • Drawing Title
  • SLK Start
  • SLK End
  • PDF of Design Drawing Supplied
  • As- constructed Signed PDF Supplied
  • Consultant
  • Main Roads - Road Number and Name
  • Local Authority
  • Main Roads File Number (if available)

Unless requested by the Project Manager, hard copy plots of completed drawings are not required. However when requested these drawings shall reflect all changes to the design as a result of design reviews, re-design or on site modifications.

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