4. Managed Freeways Technical (Electrical & Electronic) Requirements

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​1. Introduction

Main Roads has been investigating Managed Freeway solutions that could be applied to the freeway network in the Perth metropolitan area to assist in managing increasing demand on the road network.

Managed Freeways (also called Managed Motorways) have been used in Australia and internationally to benefit road users by maximising the performance of the freeway, particularly during the busiest times such as morning and afternoon peak hours. Managed Freeways looks at smart ways of using technology to manage congested urban freeways, improve traffic flow, reliability and safety, and reduce travel times.

Following a Systems Engineering process, Main Roads has completed its Managed Freeways policy and network analysis and progressed a concept of operations, before finalising drafts of the functional requirements and technical requirements presented here.

In preparing these documents, Main Roads has reviewed existing Western Australian, Australian and international standards and requirements to draw upon best practice to maximise consistency where possible.


2. Technical Requirements

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