1. Technical Guidelines (ITS)

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Technical details for design / purchase and installation of ITS technology shall be set by the Asset Manager Traffic Systems.

Further details for technical guidelines for ITS can be found in the Managed Freeways Technical (Electrical and Electronic) Requirements documents for each ITS application.

The following ITS technologies have a mandatory design/documentation requirement for purchase and for installation: 

All new traffic signal installations shall be connected  to SCATS via a nominated ITS communications cabin, node or the Traffic Operations Centre. Typically new traffic signals are connected by ADSL or optic fibre where available. The method of communication for a specific site should be chosen in consultation with the Traffic Systems Operations Coordinator.


TRAFFIC SURVEILLANCE - Perth Metropolitan Area
Some road projects may require the installation of video-cameras at strategic locations for traffic surveillance and the cameras' connection to the Traffic Operations Centre.

Ducts shall be provided through all major structures (bridges, interchanges etc) to facilitate the installation of possible future video-cameras.

Typically one (1) 50 mm white communication conduit and one (1) 50 mm orange electrical conduit are installed.

For bridge camera pole base see drawings 0430-0746 & 0430-0747.

For bridge mounted camera pole see drawing 0430-0748.


ITS DUCTS - Perth Metropolitan Area

Ducts are typically installed along most major roads (CAH's & Freeways) to facilitate the installation of a communications backbone for possible future ITS technologies. It is envisaged fibre optic cable will form the basis of this communications network.

Ducts shall be provided through all major structures (bridges, interchanges etc)

Some major roads require ducts the full length of the road.

Ducts may share common trenching with other electrical services (e.g. road lighting).

The number/size/colour/lay-up of the ducts shall be clearly shown on a scaled AutoCAD drawing marked Electrical Services complying with Main Roads drawing presentation guidelines.

Guideline drawings for ITS ducts are;

  • 200431-0080     Fibre Optic Pit & Cable Route Markers
  • 200431-0081     Typical Trench Crossing Section & Cable Pit Configuration
  • 200531-0003     Cable Pit Conduit Entry Details & Plinth Details

The duct material and installation requirements shall comply with Main Roads Specification 704 - Cable Conduits for Intelligent Transport Systems.