Traffic Signals

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Date amended:  05-Nov-2011

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  1. Vehicular Signals
    General, Design Procedures, Design Presentation, Applicable Drawings, References.
  2. Pedestrian Signals 
    This guideline is currently under review. For any queries please contact the Main Roads Customer Call Centre on 138 138.
  3. Advance Warning Flashing Signals
    General, Longitudinal Location and Timing, Design Presentation, Applicable Drawings, Example Charts and Diagrams
  4. Red Light Cameras
    All design inquiries concerning Red Light Cameras should be forwarded to Western Australia Police representatives as listed below:
       - Officer in Charge Infringement Management & Operations on (08) 9222 1339 or (08) 9222 1328
       - Officer in Charge Traffic Tech Unit on (08) 9222 1855 or (08) 9222 1017
    Both above OICs contacts are at 2 Wellington Street, East Perth WA 6004.
  5. Closed Circuit Cameras / Vehicle Detector Systems
    CCTV/VDS Cabinet Drawings
  6. Policy and Application for 'U-turn Permitted' Signs at Traffic Signal Controlled Intersections
    Policy, Guidelines
  7. Traffic Signal Drawings 
  8. As Constructed Drawings Guidelines
  9. Glossary of Terms (ITS)
  10. Traffic Signal Approval Policy