Signs Index

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This Signs Index provides a supplement to those signs contained in AS1742 - Manual of Uniform Traffic Control devices: Parts 1 to 15 (excluding Part 8). As a general rule, these Main Roads signs take precedence over similar  Australian Standard signs and in addition should only be used where there is no suitable sign contained in AS 1742 for the particular circumstances to be signed, or where Main Roads practice differs from that contained in AS 1742.

  • Remove all redundant signs that are no longer in use.
  • Remove any ambiguous signs.
  • Replace as many of the signs with standard AS 1742 signs (or other MRWA signs) as possible.
  • Remove "one off" or "site specific" signs that should not be classified as "Standard Signs".
  • Remove signs that are examples of the standard design process (e.g. Advance Direction signs).

One of the prime outcomes of the review was the separation of the Main Roads Signs Index into three categories (Click on the Category Title to view the Index for each category):  A further review was undertaken following the updating of AS 1742.2 in 2009 to remove duplicated curve and intersection warning signs and deletion of Category 3 signs which have now been moved into Category 1.

  • CATEGORY 1 - MRWA signs that are currently in use and will continue to be supported.  Installation of new Category 1 signs and replacement of existing Category 1 signs is permitted.  Links to the relevant standard drawings are provided, where available.

This includes signs which are typical examples of AS 1742 or MRWA signs that may be varied to suit specific circumstances. These signs have been included to assist designers in the design of sign layouts. Links to the relevant standard drawings are provided, where available.

  • CATEGORY 2 - MRWA signs that are currently in use and will only be supported in the future until such time as all existing signs have been removed or replaced under normal maintenance arrangements. Installation of new Category 2 signs and replacement of existing Category 2 signs is not permitted. Details of signs that are to be used in lieu of these signs are given in the relevant section.