Roadside Advertising

Document No:  D18#57060
Revision:  6
Date amended:  24-Jan-2018

The information below is intended to reflect the preferred practice of Main Roads Western Australia ("Main Roads"). Main Roads reserves the right to update this information at any time without notice. If you have any questions or comments please contact Traffic Technical Services Manager by email or call 138 138.

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​4​5.3.2​Revised wording to location of devices​16-Jul-2015
​5​2.4​Section 87 Road Traffic Act 1974 Deleted.

Section 140 Road Traffic Administration Act Added.

Town Planning Regulations 1967 repealed and replaced with Section 4 Planning and Development Act.

Executive Director Road Network Services replaced with Executive Director Network Operations.


Appendix C

​Clarified requirements and procedure for assessing crash history.



​Policy and Application Guidelines for Advertising within and Beyond State Road Reserves

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Note: The section for Illuminated Street Name Signs is not currently used.

A moratorium on Small Format Digital Signs (SFDS) is in place until we are confident that the installation of SFDS poses no safety risk. In order to assess this risk, we will commission a review into the safety implications of SFDS.

For any technical advice regarding this policy, please email or call 138 138.


Election advertising

For information on roadside signage in Main Roads' road reserve for election advertising, please visit our Publications page.