List of Approved Road Safety Barrier Systems

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The information below is intended to reflect the preferred practice of Main Roads Western Australia ("Main Roads"). Main Roads reserves
the right to update this information at any time without notice. If you have any questions or comments please contact Bruce Snook by e-mail or on (08) 9323 4634.

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1AllList developed and approved.11-May-2009
1K1Brifen Wire Rope Barrier Design Sheet amended30-May-2013
​1L​1​Design Sheets Amended for Flexfence Wire Rope, ET 2000 Plus and TRACC​03-July-2013
1M1 & 3Sentryline II - 4 Wire Rope Safety Barrier Design Sheet, W-Beam Design Sheet and W-Beam Treatment Sheet amended.
Drawing 200331-021 amended.
1N1 EZY-Guard Smart Barrier added.25-Nov-2013
1O1 EZY-Guard Smart Barrier amended.16-Dec-2013
1P1 Ironman Barrier amended. 19-Dec-2013
1Q2 QuadGuard Terminals amended. React 350 and Energite III-Fitch Terminals removed. QuadGuard CZ Terminal added.19-Dec-2013
1R1Flexfence Wire Rope Barrier Design Sheet amended.13-Jun-2014
1S1Zoneguard Workzone Barrier added.01-Sep-2014
1T1Sentryline II - 4 Wire Rope Safety Barrier Design Sheet amended.09-Sep-2014
​1U​2​FLEAT-SP and SKT-SP (Sequential Kinking Terminal) amended.​06-Oct-2014
1V1Approval for Tric Bloc removed.04-Nov-2014
​1W​1 & 2

​Barriers and Terminals design sheets amended.
Terminal QuadGuard Elite removed from list.

​1X​2​Teminals design sheets amended.​23-Dec-2015
​1Y​2​Absorb 350 End Treatment Design Sheet amended.​24-Feb-2016
​1Z ​ ​​1​EZY-Guard Smart design sheet amended.​29-Apr-2016 ​ ​

​Ironman design sheet removed.
ArmorGuard Gate design sheet added.
BarrierGuard 800 Gate design sheet added.


​Flexfence Wire Rope Barrier design sheet amended.
W Beam design sheet amended.
BarrierGuard 800 Minimum Deflection System added.

​2A​2​X-Tension 350 terminal design sheet amended.​04-Jul-2016
​2B​1Zoneguard MDS barrier added to work zone barrier systems.​08-Jul-2016
​2C​1​Sentryline II - 4 Wire Rope Safety Barrier Design Sheet amended.​18-Jul-2016
​2D​5​Motorcyclist Protection - new section added.​27-Oct-2016
​2E​1​Ramshield steel rail barrier design sheet added.​10-Nov-2016
​2F​1​Armorzone design sheet amended.​21-Nov-2016
​2G​1​Zoneguard MDS - Anchoring details amended.​25-Jan-2017
​2H​1​Triton design sheet amended.​02-Feb-2017
​2I​1​System "Constant Slope" and "Type F" amended.​02-Nov-2017
​2J​1​Brifen Wire Rope Barrier Design Sheet amended.​18-Dec-2017
​2K3​​Drawing 200331-022 amended.​01-Feb-2018

Table of Content


This list is split into the following components:
    • Barriers
    • Terminals
    • Transitions
    • Gates (note a gate consists of a barrier and a transition)
    • Motorcyclist Protection


The listing does not cover traffic barriers on structures. Details on approved traffic barriers on structures and transitions can be found on the Main Roads website under Standard Drawings under the heading Traffic Barriers and Balustrading for Structures.


For each approved component a date of approval is shown if it is a proprietary product approved since 2001 or public domain product that has been modified since January 2009 and a design sheet is attached as a hyperlink to the component name.


Approved solid blockouts for use on W Beam barrier systems can be found in Annexure 603D of Specification 603 Safety & Traffic Barrier Systems.
Barrier System Assessment
Products that are to be assessed by Main Roads Western Australian shall be presented in the format required by the Austroads National Safety Barrier Assessment Panel.
Crash Testing


For barrier systems to be assessed by Main Roads Western Australia the barrier shall be crash tested as a minimum to NCHRP 350 - National Co-operative Highway Research Program Report (NCHRP) 350 "Recommended Procedures for the Safety Performance Evaluation of Highway Features".


Products tested to MASH 08 - "Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware, 2008" will also be acceptable.
Crash testing to CEN 1317 will also be considered particularly to the higher containment levels (H1 and above). Testing to normal containment levels (N1 and N2) will only be considered if the system has also been tested to NCHRP 350, MASH 08 or to CEN 1317 level H1 or above.
Successful passing of the required crash testing is only one element to barrier system acceptability.
Other elements considered by Main Roads are:
    • System performance
    • System maintenance
    • Whole of life considerations
These sheets are intended to be used as a guide to the Designer and where they describe proprietary systems they do not take precedence over information contained within the Manufacturer's documentation other than where limitations or configurations have been specified.
Some systems have restrictions placed upon such as work zone barriers only or not to be used on new works.
Where indicated the systems shall be installed in configurations indicated in these sheets.


The list includes barrier systems that are no longer installed on new works but have been included for completeness.



System Name
Type Test Level
Date of Approval or Last Amendment to the Approval
Constant SlopeRigid Barriers TL 4 - TL 5 02/11/2017
Type FRigid Barriers TL 4 - TL 5 02/11/2017
Brifen Wire RopeWire Rope Barrier Systems TL 318/12/2017
Flexfence Wire RopeWire Rope Barrier Systems TL 3 - TL 413/05/2016
Sentryline II - 4 Wire Rope Safety BarrierWire Rope Barrier Systems TL 3 - TL 418/07/2016
W BeamSemi-Rigid Systems TL 313/05/2016
W Beam Treatment SheetSemi-Rigid Systems N/A12/08/2013
Double sided lip channel*Semi-Rigid Systems TL 311/05/2009
EZY-Guard SmartSemi-Rigid Systems MASH TL 328/04/2016
​Ramshield​Semi-Rigid Systems​MASH TL 3​10/11/2016

* Barrier deemed to comply based on equivalent crash testing or computer simulation.



System Name
TypeTest Level
Date of Approval or Last Amendment to the Approval
BarrierGuard 800SteelTL 3 - TL 4 23/11/2012
​BarrierGuard 800 MDS​Steel​TL 3​13/05/2016
IronmanSteelTL 1 - TL 2 19/12/2013
ZoneguardSteelTL 3 - TL 4 01/09/2014
Zoneguard MDS​Steel​TL 325/01/2017
T-LokConcreteTL 302/10/2008
TritonWater Filled BarrierTL 102/02/2017
ArmorzoneWater Filled BarrierTL 1 - TL221/11/2016



Test Level
Date of Approval or Last Amendment to the Approval
Bullnose AttennuatorGating / Non redirective TL 3 18/09/2008
ET 2000 Plus Gating / Non redirective TL 2 - TL 3 23/12/2015
FLEAT-SPGating / Non redirective TL 2 - TL 323/12/2015
SKT-SP (Sequential Kinking Terminal) Gating / Non redirective TL 2 - TL 323/12/2015
WAMELTGating / Non redirective TL 317/07/2006
X-Tension 350Gating / Non redirective TL 304/07/2016
Buried in Backslope RedirectiveTL 303/03/2006
TAU II Crash CushionRedirectiveTL 2 - TL 3, TL 3 +12/06/2007
TRACCRedirectiveTL 2 - TL 3, TL 3 +19/08/2015
QuadGuard RedirectiveTL 2 - TL 319/08/2015
QuadGuard HS RedirectiveTL 3+19/08/2015
Trailing End Terminal Non-Crashworthy N/A03/03/2006

TL 3+ indicates that the system has been tested at a speed higher than the required speed for test level 3.  The speed is typically around 112 km/h.



Test Level
Date of Approval or Last Amendment to the Approval
Absorb 350Gating / Non redirectiveTL 223/02/2016
Triton CETGating / Non redirectiveTL 219/08/2015
QuadGuard CZRedirectiveTL 2 - TL 319/08/2015



The following standard drawings show approved transitions:


Drawing No.
Test Level
200331-021General Arrangement 'W' Beam to Concrete Barrier Connection TL 3
200331-022General Arrangement 'Thriebeam' to Concrete Barrier Connection TL 3



Test Level
Date of Approval or Last Amendment to the Approval
ArmorGuard GateGateTL 328/04/2016
BarrierGuard 800 GateGate​​TL 3​28/04/2016




Date of Approval or Last Amendment to the Approval
Ingal MPR25/10/2016
​HIASA Rail​25/10/2016