Road and Traffic Engineering

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Provides links to Main Roads jurisdictional supplements for the Austroads Guide to Road Design series of documents and other supporting design guidelines.
Guideline material on signs and linemarking policies and practices that differ from Australian Standard (AS1742 series) and Austroads Guide to Traffic Management series of documents.
Information on roadside items commonly found within the road reserve such as lighting, barriers, kerbing, guide posts, fencing and stopping facilities.
Provides information on our practices for the design of drains, culverts, basins, floodways, piped systems and bridge waterways.
Information on our processes including drawing presentation, model and string naming conventions, design reviews, design reports and electrical handover.
Information on the effect of climate change on our existing assets and future design considerations.
Guidance for the modelling practitioner on what should be considered when building a traffic model using our supported software (LinSig, SIDRA, Vissim or Aimsun).
This section provides the responsibilities and contact details for key personnel in the Road and Traffic Engineering Branch.