Western Australian Road Research and Innovation Program

‚ÄčThe Western Australian Road Research and Innovation Program (WARRIP) is a collaborative research agreement between Main Roads and the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) that undertakes strategic applied research to identify innovative practices that deliver superior technology and cost savings in road infrastructure. Key objectives of the program include:

  • conducting leading research into road pavements, surfacings, structures and asset management;
  • implementing innovative practices that reduce capital cost and increase rate of return;
  • developing specialist technical capability in Western Australia; and
  • collaborating with industry, academia and government to enhance the current body-of-knowledge and future practice.Image: WARRIP Logo.JPG

Since WARRIP commenced in 2016, a range of positive project outcomes have been identified, with significant potential benefits to Main Roads. These opportunities include direct cost savings through reduced material usage and lower construction costs, as well as broader indirect savings in areas such as road safety, environment, improved network efficiency and the introduction of innovative technologies.

For more information on specific projects and other ongoing research, including access to published reports, please visit the WARRIP website.