Survey Portal

Document No:  D14#108390
Revision:  9
Date amended:  15-Nov-2019

The Survey Portal is a Geographic Information System and contains data on:

  • Mapping Project extents - jobs completed for road investigations and design associated with Project Information and metadata
  • Digital Ground Survey extents and metadata - for road design and as constructed
  • Point Cloud boundaries - jobs completed using Mobile, Terrestrial or Airborne Laser Scanning with associated metadata
  • Project Zones - current only
  • Road Reference Marks (RRM) - complete dataset
  • Minor Control Points (MCP) - partial dataset
  • Location of Landgate Benchmarks and SSMs
  • Location of Landgate CORS sites
  • Roads - all roads statewide
  • Townsite boundary extents
  • Suburbs
  • Local Government Areas
  • Statewide mapsheet numbering 1:100,000 and 1:250,000
  • Statewide digital elevation model
  • Project Zone digital elevation models (DEM) for the assessment of Project Zine suitability of use for proposed works along any road section. Where a colour shown is Green then the zone is suitable for use, but where it is red or blue it means that ground levels there are either too high or too low respectively to use the zone for coordination of projects. If these unsuitable areas are where a zone is desired for a Main Roads project, then a new project zone would need to be created.

All new mapping and survey projects (contracts) completed for Main Roads wil be entered into the layers as they are lodged and approved by our Data Management team. Availability within the Portal is simultaneous.

New and improved features available in the Survey Portal include:

  • The "download all selected station summaries" function will create a zip file containing all selected station summaries (RRM's and MCP's only)
  • The "Export" function within the results box will create a csv file containing whatever has been selected and added to the results. Basic road data, Project Zone data, Control Point data (RRM, MCP and Landgate BM's and SSM's) can all be listed in the csv file
  • Ability to record MGA or Latitude Longitude coordinate values for anything displayed as shown by the "Pointer (cursor) location"
  • Ability to measure approximate distances and areas on the screen. Anything shown on the screen can be measured to or from
  • Ability to "Export to KMZ" the following items on screen using the "Identify" tool to send these items to a Google Earth file. These items appear in the drop down list on the search box when the "Identify" tool is used to "drag" a selection area on the screen. The following layers can be exported to KMZ:
    •  RRM and MCP - name and location only
    •  Landgate control - symbol only at this stage
    • Project Zone extent - but not the DEM
    • Digital Ground Survey extents - but not the metadata
    • Mapping Survey extents - but not the metadata
    • Local and State (Main Roads) Roads
    • Townsite extents
  • The Search function will now allow:
    • RRM and MCP survey control to be searched by road number only (EG: "M049" search will return 24 points to the results box which can then be exported to a csv file)
    • Road search can now be by road name or number (EG: "M049" returns Onslow Road, but if you key in "Onslow", there will be 20 results Statewide and "Onslow Road" will return 4 results.
  • All references, functions and layers regarding AGD84 Project Zones have been removed. Only GDA94 Project Zones are available
  • There is now NO time limit associated with access to the Survey Portal
  • In using the search box and the results box, items returned can be zoomed to and highlighted individually (by right click) and various functions will become available.

The next major enhancement will be the addition of a Landgate Skyview imagery layer to enable the use of available imagery (both high and low resolution). This is expected soon.

Minor enhancements to the Survey Portal appearance are being made as they are identified, but if there are suggestions which you wish to make, please contact Rod Stone  at Main Roads.

Users of Survey mark data must be aware that due to the large variety of coordinates entered into our database (AMG, MGA, Project Grids), the integrity of any transformations used in the future will dictate the relativity between marks to some extent. Verification of the relativity of adjoining survey marks in your work area should always be carried out.

Also note that for RRM's in particular, the road number always has one or two zeros after the road letter (H or M) and then either one or no space to the mark number. Thus, mark number 353 on Great Eastern Highway is H005353. Mark number 13 on York Merredin Road is M041 13. All RRM numbers are unique.