Number​​Title ​Issue Date
​6706-04-153Guidelines for the Timing of Bituminous Surfacing Treatments​May 2004
​6706-04-154​Guidelines for Surfacing Type Selection​May 2004
​71-05-1396Guidelines for the Application of Waterproof Membranes to Bridge Decks​Aug 2007
​TP-GDL-010Scrap Rubber Bitumen​Jul 1995
71/06/137Use and Design of Geotextile Reinforced Seals​Dec 2009
​71/06/1359​Initial Skid Resistance of Stone Mastic Asphalt​Jul 2010
​71/06/1398Heavy Metal Concentration of Glass Beads​Jun 2008
71/05/10Bituminous Surfacings Guide Part 1.1 - Selection of resurfacing treatments for metropolitan region​Sep 2018
Number ​​Title ​Issue Date
​Operational Guideline 95

Extracting Road Building Materials from Land in WA

Aug 2018
​Operational Guideline 96​Searching for Gravel​Jan 2017
The Use of Naturally Occurring Materials for Pavements in WA​Mar 2015
6706-02-312​​Laterite Gravel Specification for Truck Arrester Bed​Nov 2009

Water to be used in Pavement Construction​

​Dec 2013

Geotechnical Engineering
Number ​​Title ​Issue Date
2011-01MGuidelines for Geotechnical Investigations of Road Works​Jan 2011
​2009-08M​Guidelines for Geotechnical Investigations of Bridge Structures​Mar 2009
​2006-40M​Guidelines for the Preparation of Information for Tenderers​Nov 2006
​6706-04-234​Drainage Layer Construction Process Specification​Sep 2003
​6706-04-106Subsoil Drain Construction Process Specification​​Sep 2003
6706-04-111Gabions and Mattresses Construction Process Specification​​Sep 2003
6707-02-100​​Specification for Geotextile in Subsoil Drain​Sep 2003
​6706-02-107Rock for Rock Protection and Pitching Specification​​Sep 2003
6706-02-108​Rockfilling for Gabions and Mattresses Specification​​Sep 2003
​6706-02-109Geotextile for Rock Protection Specification​​Sep 2003
6706-02-113​Gabions, Mattresses and Selvedges Specification​​Sep 2003
​Report 1990-1MMaterials Investigation Guide for Quarry Site Location and Assessment​Jan 1990
Number ​Title ​Issue Date
​6706-02-2226Guide for Surveillance Officers - Concreting​​Aug 2004