Falling Weight Deflectometer

Please refer to the table below for Dynatest 8000 series Falling Weight Deflectometers currently in service.Calibrations are conducted in accordance with our WA Calibration Method WA 2060.5 (09/12/2013). Refer also: Test Method WA 326.2 - Pavement Deflection and Curvature Measurement: Falling Weight Deflectometer Upon confirmation of booking, please refer to thePre-Calibration Checklist and complete prior to commencement of calibration.​FWD ownerFWD / HWD serial number​Calibrated date​Operational test conducted​Operational test due​Next calibration due​​Pavement Management Services​8002 - 171​​23/03/2016​23/03/2016​23/06/2016​23/09/2016​​Pavement Management Services​​8002 - 402​​04/01/2017​​04/01/2017​​04/04/201704/07/2017​STATS​​8002 - 044​21/10/2016​24/01/2017​21/04/2017​21/04/2017​​MRWA MEB​​8002 - 24909/11/2016​​09/11/2016​​09/02/2017​​09/05/2017​​ARRB​​8002 - 12030/11/201630/11/2016​02/03/2017​​30/05/2017If you have any queries, please contact: ​​Phil Brittan Ph (08) 9323 4795Email: philip.brittan@mainroads.wa.gov.au​​Tony Cullinane Ph: (08) 9323 4739Email: tony.cullinane@mainroads.wa.gov.au