Toodyay Road Upgrade

​Dryandra Road to Toodyay




The Wheatbelt Highway Safety Review (December 2015) identified Toodyay Road as having the highest crash density in the Wheatbelt. Following the review, $3.8 million of funding from the Road Trauma Trust Account was announced in the State budget in 2016 for project development work.

No funding for construction has been announced yet and timeframes will be dependent on this.


What's happening

The 27 kilometre stretch of road is proposed to be widened to an 11 metre sealed surface including sealed shoulders. A number of safety improvement options are also being investigated as shown on the overview m​ap. These options will be prioritised as the development work continues taking into account safety benefits and construction costs.

We are currently collecting more detailed information for the project and may have traffic management on the road to allow us to carry out investigations. Please exercise caution obey all signage.

A community and stakeholder plan has been developed and we are currently in the process of establishing a Community Reference Group (CRG). Nominations are invited to join with preference given to people who can represent groups of residents or stakeholders. Nominations close on 31 May and meetings will be held in the evening every 4-8 weeks starting in June.

The CRG will include representatives from Main Roads and the Shire of Toodyay. One representative from each of the following organisations will be invited to join the group:

  • Toodyay Agricultural Alliance
  • Toodyay Naturalist Club
  • Toodyay Friends of the River
  • Toodyay Roadwise Committee
  • Morangup Progress Association
  • Toodyay Progress Association
  • Toodyay Chamber of Commerce
  • Toodyay Police
  • Toodyay St John Ambulance
  • WA Wildflower Society

Please contact Elizabeth Davies via phone (08) 9622 4777 or email to receive a nomination form and the Terms of Reference or to receive project updates.

The project has been modified to minimise clearing and Main Roads has made considerable effort to protect environmental features during project development, including: 

  • Avoiding mature trees where it would not have an impact on the proposed safety improvement. 
  • Where practical, widen one side only to minimise the environmental impact 
  • Optimise the road footprint by steepening batters and introducing new sections of safety barriers where feasible
  • The road alignment has been amended to avoid Morangup Nature Reserve
  • The locations of potential breeding trees for Black Cockatoos were identified in an environmental survey and were used to amend the design to minimise the number of trees to be removed. One known Black Cockatoo breeding tree was observed to be in use during the spring survey in 2015 and is now outside of the project design
  • Use area specific topsoil management and hygiene plans to minimise the spread of weeds and dieback
  • We own a parcel of land which was identified as Eucalypt woodland in good condition and dieback free. Drainage control will be implemented to reduce the risk of dieback infestation
  • Utilise existing cleared areas for site offices and laydown
  • Driveways and other access points will be located in already cleared locations where it is safe to do so
  • Native species common to the area will be used to rehabilitate road batters, surplus land (including the existing road), various tracks, and materials pits

An application for the clearing permit for the project is currently with the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER).

We have undertaken consultation with the Whadjuk and Ballardong Aboriginal groups and have identified the need to minimise the impacts to waterways during the project.


Further information

Phone: 138 138



Modified: 08 May 2017