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About the Project

The Hon Minister for Transport Troy Buswell announced the formation of the Mitchell Freeway Extension Community Working Group (1 page PDF 35 KB) on March 23, 2012.

The Mitchell Freeway Extension Community Working Group (CWG) will work in conjunction with Main Roads to undertake an investigative study and consultation to determine options to combat the congestion issues faced by commuters, community and businesses in the northern metropolitan corridor.  The focus is on the extension of the Mitchell Freeway north of Burns Beach Road.

The scope of the consultation has been determined and agreed to by the Minister for Transport and the Chair, Albert Jacob MLA, Member for Ocean Reef.

Road transport issues in the northern corridor are due to the immense growth in the region, the lack of local employment, and limited road transport options for drivers in the northern suburbs.  Subsequent issues include overall travel times, road incidents and difficulty in accessing schools, shops and tertiary institutions, and other areas of commercial and social interest.

The outcomes from the working group are expected to address the rapid urban growth experience in the North West corridor over the last 40 years, which has averaged 6,000 new residents per year.  Infrastructure must be provided to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population.  The associated economic, social and environmental benefits are extensive, particularly as investment in the north west corridor increases.


Community Working Group

The Mitchell Freeway Extension Community Working Group (CWG), established by the Minister for Transport was formed to better understand what the local community sees as priority in achieving road transport solutions to address the growth of the north metropolitan Perth area in the next 20 years, including the timeline for the extension of the Mitchell Freeway north.

Formed in March 2012  the CWG comprises of a wide range of members from across Local Government, Industry and Community Interest Groups in addition to a team of specialist technical advisors from State and Local Government.

The CWG undertook a Value Management process between May and November 2012 through a number of independently facilitated meetings and workshops. The intention of this process was to identify and present a Business Case for the preferred option of the Mitchell Freeway Extension.


Strategic Business Case

Through direct engagement with the community the working group worked collaboratively to identify a range of different options for the Mitchell Freeway extension. These options were presented at a Value Management Workshop in September 2012 and assessed against agreed criteria, whereby the preferred option was successfully selected.

The Mitchell Freeway Extension Strategic Business Case (99 page PDF 1.6 MB) was released in full in November 2012 confirming the CWG’s preferred option to extend the Freeway to Romeo Road.


Contact Us

Please contact the Main Roads Customer Information Centre on 138 138 with any queries on the Mitchell Freeway Extension Community Working Group.

For stakeholder and media queries please ask for Tony Missikos, Community and Stakeholder Manager of this initiative.




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