Margaret River Perimeter Road


Project Objective

Our South West region is progressing with the development of the Margaret River Perimeter Road.

The key objective of this project is to provide an alternative route for heavy vehicles around the Town of Margaret River. Removing heavy vehicles from the town centre will reduce congestion and enhance safety for pedestrians and local traffic in the commercial and tourist precinct.

The concept plan outlines the route and key connections.


Latest News

Stage Two

The drilling and blasting operation to excavate the hard underlying rock near the high-voltage power line north of the river (see map)commenced in December, with the first blast completed on Tuesday 13 December. 

Blasting will continue over the next few weeks.

We thank the community for their cooperation in following the safety requirements outlined below.

During blast operations, we ask you to please read the following information to ensure the safety of you, your families and your visitors during the summer season:

  • Blasting will only occur on weekdays in the afternoon for just a few seconds at approximately 2.30pm. No blasting will be done outside of this time.
  • The blasting contract is extremely rigid and specifies that no fly-rock is acceptable. The blasting process is a highly regulated operation that requires strict management by the blasting expert.
  • It is a legal requirement that a warning siren sounds before and during the blast.
  • The drill and blast operation in being undertaken by suitably Certified Personnel and will be monitored by cameras and vibration sensors placed in strategic positions. Dust control measures will also be in place to minimise dust in the area.
  • We expect that most of the noise will be generated when the rock is loaded into trucks and carted away. Works will continue on weekdays between 7am and 5pm until mid-March.

Safety in the area is paramount. An exclusion zone will be in place from 1.30pm on the day of the blast. It is therefore critical that users of the walk trails in and around the construction area are aware of the works. We ask you to stay well away from the area at all times.

Workers will ensure no one enters the works area, particularly during blast times. Blast guards will be stationed at five different locations around the site.

Completed works included:

  • Establishment of the Bramley lay down area close to the airstrip;
  • Removal of mulch and topsoil from the road reserve between Margaret River and Airport Creek;
  • Construction of a 125 m culvert adjacent to the pine plantation (at Airport Creek in the vicinity of the high voltage power line north of the river);
  • Stockpiling of feature rock for use in rehabilitation and landscaping works; and
  • Construction of the large fill area.

Current and upcoming works include:

  • Ongoing excavation of the large rock cutting on the northern side of the river; and
  • Manufacture of rock products for use at the bridge site, drainage structures and protection of table drains.

Signs and bunting have been erected to demarcate the construction work area. Additional signs have been placed at the trail heads and on the trail in a number of appropriate locations.

* In the event of inclement weather such as heavy rain or electrical storms, the blasting operation cannot proceed.

We have recently held briefings with the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, Riverslea Estate residents, Hairy Marron café, tour operators and trail users. Our Community Reference Group also involved a site visit on 21 November. We will continue to update the community via a range of communication activities.


Contract works

The contract to deliver the works will be a ‘“construct only’” contract. The contract includes the construction of 5.2 km of perimeter road to connect to Stage 1 at Rosa Brook intersection, construction of 2.3 km long John Archibald Drive and roundabout connection with the perimeter road , the northern roundabout and associated road connections, a new entrance road to the airport, an 80m long road bridge and a footbridge on the Darch Trail.

Tenders are expected to be called in February 2017, with contract award in April 2017 and commencement of works in May/June 2017.  Works are expected to be completed in April 2018. 


Funding announcement

Regional development Minister Terry Redman and Transport Minister Dean Nalder announced on 23 December 2015, that $58.26 million had been provided to complete the Margaret River Perimeter Road.  Funding has been allocated from the Royalties for Regions-funded Growing our South initiative.

This final stage involves construction of 5.2 km of road north from Rosa Brook Road to Bussell Highway, north of the Margaret River townsite, and will allow heavy vehicles to bypass the town centre.

Minister Redman said completion of the perimeter road would get the trucks off the main street and allow for improvements to the town centre, which until now had not been possible.


Project Schedule

​Timeframe​Expected Milestones
​December 2015​State Government announced funding for Stage Two
​October 2016 to February 2017Interim works
​February 2017​Public tenders will be called
​May 2017​Construction is expected to commence
​April 2018​Estimated completion


Stage One

Stage One of the Margaret River Perimeter Road was opened to traffic on 7 May 2015, and included a 1.8 km section from Bussell Highway, south of the town, to Rosa Brook Road.

Main Roads sincerely thanks Margaret River residents, businesses and all road users for their patience and consideration during construction.

Community Engagement Activities

A community consultation and information program has been underway since the end of July 2011.

To be placed on our email database for project updates, please send your details to Carolyn Walker at

A Community Reference Group was established in 2012 and is continuing to provide representative input into the project on behalf of the community.  The CRG is involved in some elements of the detailed design process, including noise mitigation, landscaping, walk trails and environmental aspects. The group includes representatives from: Margaret River Chamber of Commerce, Leeuwin Conservation Group Margaret River Business Centre, Riverslea Estate, Darch Road and Rosa Brook communities, Shire of Augusta Margaret River, and walking and cycling groups.

The CRG met on:

  • 26 March 2013
  • 17 June 2013
  • 16 September 2013
  • 9 December 2013
  • 11 August 2014
  • 9 February 2015
  • 18 May 2015
  • 15 February 2016
  • 4 July 2016
  • 21 November 2016
We sincerely appreciate the following representatives who have donated their time to attend meetings and provide input on behalf of the Margaret River community:
​Colin Ashton​Community
​Steve Brake​Margaret River Chamber of Commerce
​David Glasson​Riverslea Community
​Andrei Koeppen​Southern Section Community
​Joanne Cook​Rosa Brook Community
​Barbara Maidment​Margaret River Business Centre
​David McInerney​Community
​Tracy Skippings (proxy: Rod Whittle)​Leeuwin Environment Centre
​Loraine Teasdale​Community
​Dave Willcox​Community
​Pam Townshend​Councillor, Shire of Augusta Margaret River

In addition to the CRG, we have been working with key stakeholders, including State Government agencies and the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, directly affected landowners (that is, those whose properties are impacted by the alignment), local environmental group representatives and other community members.

We welcome any opportunity to provide briefings to any groups or organisations in the Margaret River community. 



The need for an alternate route for heavy vehicles to bypass the commercial and tourist precinct dates back to at least the 1980s. Several alignments to the east and west of the town site were examined and in 2008, an alignment to the east of town was identified and has general landowner and Council support. This alignment was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in 2011 and forms the basis of our concept designs and planning studies.

Upgrading the existing Bussell Highway in Margaret River was not considered to be a viable option as this main street is significantly constrained by development, and upgrading would not provide the necessary separation of inter-regional and local traffic.



The Margaret River Perimeter Road is 7 km long and extends from the Airport Access Road north of Margaret River, linking back to the Bussell Highway south of Margaret River, 1 km south of Rosa Brook Road.

The road is planned as a four lane dual carriageway, but will be constructed initially as a two lane single carriageway with major roundabouts at the northern and southern intersections with Bussell Highway, and additional intersections at:

  • Airport Access;
  • John Archibald Drive;
  • Rosa Brook Road (east and west) ; and
  • A Light Industrial Area Access.

The scope includes assessment of environmental and heritage areas to ensure any impacts are minimised.



Having a coffee or meal in the town centre and crossing the street to go shopping without trucks thundering by are two key activities many locals and visitors are looking forward to once the perimeter road is constructed. Local traffic will find it easier to travel through the town centre.

Improving safety is the key objective of the project, which will be achieved by providing an alternative route for heavy vehicles around the town site. Separating inter-regional and local traffic will also reduce congestion in the main street. Benefits include:

  • Reduced traffic flows, conflict and congestion, and improved safety on Bussell Highway;
  • Allow town scaping of the main street to significantly reduce safety risks and improve the ambiance, accessibility and enjoyment by residents and visitors to the Region;
  • Allow intersection treatments, such as a roundabout at Wallcliffe Road, to improve safety and improve the flow of traffic both within the town site and to surrounding tourist areas;
  • Allow to land use development and growth as outlined in the Local Planning Strategy;
  • Provide an alternative, high standard, free flowing route for local and inter-regional traffic not needing to travel through the Margaret River town site, resulting in reduced travel times to other regional destination and increased transport efficiency.


Environmental Approvals

Clearing approval for the project was issued in late 2014 by the Department of Environment Regulation (DER).  The DER assessment was based on the documents listed below:


We investigated the development of an 8.24 hectare strategic gravel resource within Gravel and Rubbish Disposal Reserve (Reserve 30 088) located on Vlam Road, Forest Grove. Material from this site will be used to construct sections of the Margaret River Perimeter Road, John Archibald Drive and other Main Roads projects in the area.  An allocation of gravel has also been provided to the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

After an assessment of the impacts of developing this pit, we obtained environmental approvals from both the State and Commonwealth governments in late 2014 and early 2015.  Approximately half of the approved pit area has been developed and material for future roadworks has been crushed and stockpiled ready for use.

As part of the environmental approvals process the following documents are provided for review and comment:

The Vlam Road gravel pit will be rehabilitated and revegetated at the completion of gravel crushing.  The rehabilitation of the pit will be as per the Revegetation Strategy.

Compliance reports prepared for the Vlam Road Gravel Resource Pit are available for review below:

Further Information

For further information please contact:

Carolyn Walker, Community Relations Consultant

Phone: (08) 9450 1445 (8am to 6pm only)

After hours: 138 138


Contracting or supplier enquiries

Tel: 138 138



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