Street Art on Traffic Control Boxes


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To mitigate the issue of graffiti in high-traffic areas, we are working with the City of Vincent to trial an initiative where traffic control boxes are turned into street art.

The City of Vincent is well-known for its street art and this initiative currently extends to three traffic control boxes at certain intersections within the precinct.

The initiative has been previously tested internationally and across Australia, including the cities of Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart.

Following a number of stakeholder meetings between ourselves and the City of Vincent in late-2015, a Memorandum of Understanding was created to outline the responsibilities between both agencies when implementing the trial.  This includes the installation, maintenance and control of the traffic boxes.


Program roll-out

Following the commissioning of three artists, the following traffic control boxes have been painted with street:

  • Oxford Street and Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn;
  • Flinders Street and Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn; and
  • Vincent Street and Oxford Street, Leederville.

At the conclusion of the trial, there will be scope to roll out to other locations within the City of Vincent.



At its three intersections throughout the six-month trial phase, it is hoped the initiative will:

  • Minimise graffiti incidences;
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal at high-traffic intersections;
  • Celebrate creativity; and
  • Encourage community engagement and place-making.


Further information


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Modified: 11 Jul 2016