Street Art on Traffic Control Boxes

To mitigate the issue of graffiti in high-traffic areas, we are continuing our work with the City of Vincent on an initiative where traffic control boxes are turned into street art.

The initiative has been previously tested internationally and across Australia, including the cities of Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart, with successful results.

This initiative was first trialled in Western Australia in the City of Vincent for six months during 2016. A Memorandum of Understanding was in place between ourselves and the City of Vincent to outline the responsibilities between both agencies throughout the trial period. This included the installation, maintenance and control of the traffic boxes.







Latest news

Following the success of the six-month trial, the initiative has now extended to a fourth site at the intersection of Angove Street and Charles Street in North Perth.

Three traffic control boxes remained painted with street art, which formed part of the original trial. They are at the following sites:

  • Oxford Street and Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn;
  • Flinders Street and Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn; and
  • Vincent Street and Oxford Street, Leederville.

Key benefits

Following analysis of the three original intersections, it was noted that the initiative:

  • Minimised graffiti incidences;
  • Enhanced the aesthetic appeal at high-traffic intersections;
  • Celebrated creativity; and 
  • Encouraged community engagement and place-making.

It is anticipated that rolling this initiative out to new sites will see similar benefits.


Modified: 27 Oct 2017