Reid Highway Duplication - Duffy Road to Erindale Road


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Works are complete

The new northbound on-ramp to Mitchell Freeway from Reid Highway is now open. Along with the new bridge, this ramp will significantly improve traffic flow. Traffic heading west can follow the inside lane around the new loop and directly onto the freeway, allowing road users to enjoy free-flowing traffic conditions.  All landscaping works are now complete.

Watch our time-lapse video on the bridge beam lift at Mitchell Freeway and Reid Highway.

Traffic lights at the intersection of Duffy Road South and Reid Highway are providing a safe option for motorists wanting to turn east off Duffy Road South. A dedicated left turn into Reid Highway (westbound) and two right turn lanes heading east have also been constructed.

The right turning lanes at the intersection of Reid Highway and Erindale Road have been extended to improve traffic flow at the intersection.


Project Overview / Scope

The duplication works have provided additional lane capacity to improve safety and operational efficiencies in the area, and forms part of the long term plan to upgrade the highway to a six lane freeway east of Mitchell Freeway, and a four lane highway to the west.

Construction involved duplication of approximately 2.2 kilometres of the highway and a new bridge over Mitchell Freeway.

Other project elements included:

  • New loop to facilitate traffic movements from Reid Highway westbound to Mitchell Freeway northbound
  • Reconfiguration of the existing Mitchell Freeway northbound on-ramp necessitated by the new loop ramp
  • Upgrade the existing Reid Highway/Mitchell Freeway ramp intersections
  • Upgrade the existing Duffy Road staggered intersections with Reid Highway, including the provision of new traffic signals on Duffy Road south. (Duffy Road North will continue to operate under stop sign control)
  • Provision of a traffic barrier to separate highway traffic from the shared path on the existing bridge over Mitchell Freeway
  • Revegetation and landscaping
  • Noise mitigation measures (where required); and
  • Associated ancillary works

The key benefits this project have delivered are:

  • Improved intersection efficiency through a reduction in the level of congestion, delays, conflict points, crash frequency and lost travel time to all road users
  • Improvements to the shared path over the Reid Highway Bridge (this includes the provision of a barrier to separate the path from traffic)
  • Improved road safety with approximately 2.2 kilometres of undivided carriageway upgraded to divided dual carriageway
  • Improved access to Mitchell Freeway (north)
  • Improved road network performance resulting in improved access to areas of employment, industry and residential growth
  • Reduced congestion by creating an alternative, more direct route, which will also reduce transport costs and vehicle emissions
  • Improved amenity in adjoining suburbs by removing through traffic from residential streets; and
  • Greater capacity for future traffic increases


Community Engagement

Community engagement on the Reid Highway Duplication - Duffy Road to Erindale Road section commenced in November 2013 with the distribution of the first Project Newsletter to surrounding communities.

Following distribution of the first newsletter, we received additional queries about the project. Consequently, we have developed a set of Frequently Asked Questions for this section to provide a greater understanding of the project. Additionally, a concept plan is also available.





Further Information

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