Toodyay Road intersection upgrades



In 2016-17 we are upgrading a series of intersections along Toodyay Road, between Red Hill and Noble Falls in the City of Swan.

The project will significantly improve safety for all road users.

For more information on the planned improvements, read our October Project Overview.


Project scope

This project will provide dedicated turning lanes, and improved street lighting and signage at the intersections of Toodyay Road with:

  • Lilydale Road (started in October 2016);
  • Preedy Road (started in November 2016);
  • Stanley Road (started in January 2017);
  • Reserve Road (started in January 2017); and
  • Old Coach Road and Old Toodyay Road (scheduled to start in early 2017).


This year, we will continue to develop plans to upgrade Toodyay Road intersections with:

  • Stoneville and Reen roads; and
  • O'Brien and Roland roads.


Further information

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Modified: 24 Jan 2017