Roe Highway Extension (Roe 8)


Rehabilitating Roe 8 Update - July 2017

Works to rehabilitate the former Roe 8 project site are progressing well, allowing the temporary barriers placed along North Lake Road to now be removed. The removal will take place on 8 July. Please see out latest update for more information.

Rehabilitation Underway - May 2017

The program of works to rehabilitate the former Roe 8 site is underway.

From 22 May 2017, the Alliance will clear the Roe 8 site of any contaminants and take measures to prevent the spread of weeds and dieback. The mulch piles will be collected and removed to a temporary holding site near Kwinana Freeway.

The work is being overseen by the working group chaired by the Member of Parliament for Bicton, Ms Lisa O'Malley MLA. It forms the first stage of a community-led rehabilitation program, which will revegetate the site.

While this program of activity is ongoing, it is necessary for fencing to remain in place to limit any damage to the site and the regrowth of native bush. In the next three months, the temporary fencing will be replaced by permanent, conservation fencing.

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​Current Status

Following the election of the Labor Government on 11 March 2017, construction of Roe 8 has been suspended. To safeguard the jobs associated with the project, the Government has instructed Main Roads to renegotiate the contract with the Alliance delivering the project. We have started this process and are committed to reallocating the Roe 8 funding to projects that will improve road safety and reduce congestion in Perth’s metropolitan area.

The renegotiation of the Roe 8 contract is being managed in an orderly and responsible manner to ensure any costs are kept to a minimum, existing jobs are secured wherever possible and new job opportunities are created in the process. It is expected that the renegotiation should be completed in the near future.

As part of the revised scope of the Roe 8 contract, the project site in Coolbellup will be carefully cleared of any contaminants by the project team. An organised community-based rehabilitation program, led by the State Government, will then revegetate the site.


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Modified: 06 Jul 2017