Nicholson Road (Bridge) Over Rail


Traffic impact

The following roadworks will be in place to facilitate this project:

​Location​Estimated timeframe​Impact

​Nicholson Road

Bannister Rd to the Yale Rd/Garden St roundabout

​8pm Friday 6 October to 5am Monday 9 October
​Nicholson Road

​1 May to November 2017

7am to 5pm

  • ​Trucks entering and exiting project site merging with traffic on Nicholson Road
Nicholson Road

Yale Road to Bannister Road

Ongoing until December 2017

24 hour works

  • Intermittent lane closures in both directions
  • ​Two lanes available in each direction during peak periods
  • Speed limit reduced to 40 km/h

 View all roadworks and incident information on our Travel Map.


Current status

Nicholson Road traffic (from Bannister Road to Yale Road / Garden Street roundabout) has been realigned and a construction site, incorporating the footprint of the future bridge, has been established immediately adjacent to the road.  

Construction on the new bridge is well underway with the new approach ramps and abutments, located either side of the railway line taking shape. Site activities are noticeable, including the operation of machinery - as well as trucks regularly entering and exiting site. Ramp construction requires significant volumes of sand to be delivered to site and compaction of the material. Retaining walls are being built including placement of some pre-cast concrete panels.

Ongoing construction will involve:

  • Installation of services;
  • Delivery of materials requiring regular truck movements through the area;
  • Concreting;
  • Earthworks and compaction, involving periods of noticeable use of large equipment;
  • Installation of retaining wall panels, including placement of pre-cast concrete panels;
  • Resurfacing; and
  • Installation of bridge beams, barriers, noise wall panels and lighting.

Nicholson Road has been reduced to two lanes in each direction for the works. Additional lane and road closures will be in place at night and during the day at off-peak traffic times.

On 4 August, improvements were made to the line marking at the northbound exit to Nicholson Road at the Nicholson Road/Yale ​Road/Garden Street roundabout. Road users are being urged to remember to indicate when exiting the roundabout to improve certainty for other road users entering and exiting the roundabout. 

Road and bridge works may cause traffic delays and we request road users to plan their journeys and allow extra travel time to reach their destinations. Road users should be aware that traffic management will remain on the road at all times.

Traffic sequencing has been optimised throughout the area with priorities improved on Spencer Road in Thornlie and Ranford Road in Canning Vale.

Read our August Project Update for more detail on the project construction and design.

Image: Nicholson Road (Bridge) Over Rail - video image.PNG 



The Nicholson Road (bridge) Over Rail project includes road and bridge construction on Nicholson Road between Bannister Road, Canning Vale and Yale Road / Garden Street, Thornlie.

The new road bridge will take Nicholson Road over the Midland to Fremantle Freight Railway and remove the level railway crossing, which is used by about 30 trains per day. Nicholson Road carries about 44,000 vehicles per day and the boom gates, which are down for two minutes per train, interrupt traffic flows on Nicholson Road for up to 60 minutes per day.

The new traffic bridge will enhance traffic operations, economic efficiencies and safety by permanently removing the interface between the road and railway line.    

The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Western Australian governments.


Scope of Works

The works include:

  • A six-lane road bridge over rail
  • Road infrastructure including safety barriers, drainage, signs, screen/noise walls, pavement marking and street lighting
  • Modifying the existing road to maintain traffic flows during construction
  • Pedestrian and cycling infrastructure that includes a pedestrian underpass and a path on the east side of the new bridge.


Expected Timeframe

  • Construction start: December 2016 
  • Construction completion: December 2017
  • Landscaping works: 2018




Construction Reference Group

As the project will impact adjacent residents, a Construction Reference Group has been established to:

  • Assist in identifying, discussing and providing advice on community issues associated with the project
  • Exchange information between ourselves, the contractor and the community; and
  • Provide representative community and stakeholder input into the project.


Further Information

For additional information please contact our Customer Information Centre on:

Tel: 138 138



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