Fremantle Traffic Bridge


Maintenance Works

We are undertaking a series of maintenance works to ensure the longevity of Fremantle Traffic Bridge, over the Swan River.

Fremantle Traffic Bridge was constructed in 1938 and is one of two important road traffic links across the Swan River in Fremantle.

It provides a direct transport route from North Fremantle to the Fremantle CBD, and is used by approximately 28,000 vehicles and several hundred cyclists each day.



Having completed a series of pier protection works in May, we have now awarded a contract to Advanteering Civil Engineers to complete underwater repairs on the bridge and fender piles.

This work will be completed between November and July 2017.


Construction Impacts

Most of this work will occur underwater, using a team of specialist divers working off a barge.

Any channel closures required to facilitate this work will be advertised as a temporary notice to mariners by the Department of Transport.

There may also be occasional lane closures across the bridge.


Further Information

Tel: 138 138



Modified: 13 Apr 2017