Great Eastern Highway Roadworks - Forrestfield-Airport Link



To pave the way for the future Forrestfield-Airport Link - a new train line connecting Forrestfield to the city - we are undertaking a series of roadworks along Great Eastern Highway in the City of Belmont.

A $12.5 million upgrade at the intersection of Great Eastern Highway and Fauntleroy Avenue has already been completed and the nearby intersection of Great Eastern Highway and Coolgardie Avenue is almost finished.

As part of the Forrestfield-Airport Link project, Brearley Avenue has been closed between First Street and Dunreath Drive to facilitate construction of the new Belmont Station (formerly known as Airport West Station).


Brearley Avenue closure

The closure of Brearley Avenue from First Street to Dunreath Drive came into effect on 17 January 2017.

Although further works are still required at this location. First Street is now a primary road with traffic on Brearley Avenue required to give way at the T-junction.

This means there is no longer access to Perth Airport’s T3 and T4 via Brearley Avenue.

As a result:

Traffic on Tonkin Highway and Great Eastern Highway eastbound is being directed to the terminals via the recently constructed Dunreath Drive interchange.

Westbound traffic on Great Eastern Highway is being directed to T3 and T4 via the upgraded intersection at Fauntleroy Avenue.

At Dunreath Drive, traffic exiting Perth Airport's T3 and T4 now has the option of turning left to Tonkin Highway or right to Fauntleroy Avenue.

Road users are encouraged to take note of new directional signage along key sections of the road network approaching the airport terminals and to plan their journey in advance to avoid delays.

Operational ‘how to’ videos illustrating the new routes to T3 and T4 can be viewed below:

You may also read our latest newsletter which illustrates how the route to T3 and T4 has changed.


Great Eastern Highway - Coolgardie Avenue intersection upgrade

The upgraded intersection at Coolgardie Avenue provides alternative local access to Redcliffe. It includes dedicated right-turn lanes for Great Eastern Highway traffic in both directions and modifications to the traffic signals to improve traffic flow.

All roads and footpaths have been completed, however there is still some street lighting to be installed and finishing works to be completed. Public Transport Authority will be relocating the local bus stop on Great Eastern Highway.


Great Eastern Highway - Fauntleroy Avenue Intersection Upgrade

The upgraded intersection at Fauntleroy Avenue, completed in December 2016, includes shared left-turn lanes and bus priority lanes, dedicated right turn lanes and U-turn facilities.

It is now the primary access to the General Aviation precinct at the airport. It also provides alternative access to Terminals 3 and 4 for westbound traffic on Great Eastern Highway.


Getting to Perth Airport

Visit the Perth Airport website for a quick guide to help get you to the right terminal.

T3 and T4

The upgraded intersection of Great Eastern Highway and Fauntleroy Avenue provides access to Terminals 3 and 4 for westbound traffic on Great Eastern Highway, now that Brearley Avenue has been closed from First Street to Dunreath Drive.  It will also remain the primary access to the General Aviation precinct.

All other road users heading to these terminals will be redirected via the new Tonkin Highway - Dunreath Drive interchange.


Dunreath Drive / Tonkin Highway roundabout controlled interchange 

Further information

For further roadwork information, please phone our Customer Information Centre on 138 138 or email

For further information regarding the Forrestfield-Airport Link Project, please visit the project website or phone 9326 2000.


Modified: 27 Mar 2017