Ellenbrook Bus Rapid Transit Way



Construction of Ellenbrook Bus Rapid Transit Way will deliver quicker, more predictable journey times for public transport users.

The $55 m project will provide a seamless, nine-kilometre continuous connection for buses between Ellenbrook Town Centre and Marshall Road. The route will improve vital public transport connections to Midland, Bassendean and Morley as well as improving the growing Midland urban hub.

In addition to the bus transit way, congestion and journey times for other vehicle users will be reduced through the construction of New Lord Street - two new sections of road that will provide additional road capacity and improve access to the intersections of Marshall Road and Gnangara Road.

When completed the project will improve access to Reid Highway, where the majority of traffic dissipates.

Watch the Ellenbrook Bus Rapid Transit Way overview video.

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The scope of work comprises two key elements – a dedicated bus rapid transit way and road improvements:

1.  Construction of a nine-kilometre two-lane continuous dedicated bus transit way from Ellenbrook Town Centre to Marshall Road, with bus stations at:
  • Ellenbrook Town Centre (bus interchange)
  • Henley Brook (300 bay park and ride facility, with provision for overflow)
  • Dayton (100 bay park and ride facility)
  • Youle- Dean Road (future provision for bus station with park and ride)

To support uninterrupted bus travel, bus dual lane bridges will be constructed at:

  • Gnangara Road
  • Park Street
  • Youle-Dean Road

A crossing will be provided at Marshall Road (bus priority under signal phase).

The scope of work also includes 9 km of shared path between Ellenbrook Station and Marshall Road with cycling facilities planned at the new stations to improve accessibility.

2. Creation of New Lord Street and modifications to existing roads

Two sections of single carriage way road, known as New Lord Street, will be constructed. This includes a;

  •   2 km stretch between Gnangara Road and Park Street; and 
  •   2.8 km stretch between Youle-Dean Road and Marshall Road.

A further 0.7 km of dual carriageway road will be constructed linking to Reid Highway, with modifications to adjacent roads along the route.


Expected timeframe

  • Design and construct contract: expected to be awarded by the end of 2016
  • Construction start: end 2016 (estimated)
  • Construction completion: early 2018 (estimated)      


Current activity

Contract awarded

On 22 November 2016 the State Government awarded a contract for the design and construction.  CPB Contractors will work with us, Public Transport Authority and City of Swan to deliver the project, with work expected to begin by the end of 2016.


Further information

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Modified: 23 Nov 2016