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Feedback from public information session and our response - 15 September 2017

347 people attended the Murdoch Drive Connection public information session at the Lakeside Baptist Recreation Centre on 19 August 2017. We thank the local community for taking the time to attend the event and provide feedback.

Upon assessment of feedback, it is clear that while the majority the community supports the key principles of the project, the proposed cul-de-sac on Bibra Drive incorporated as part of the concept design may have compromised access for residents and businesses of Bibra Lake and made access between Bibra Drive and Farrington Road more convoluted.

As a result, we have refined the concept to remove the cul-de-sac. This simplifies access from Bibra Drive to Farrington Road and provides additional connectivity for traffic moving between Farrington Road and Bibra Drive. It should also deliver a significant reduction in congestion on the section of Farrington Road between Karel Avenue and Bibra Drive. Our latest schematic can be viewed here.

We are also considering additional improvements to the current road network, in particular the existing roundabout at the Farrington Road and Allendale Entrance intersection, which community feedback indicates is under significant pressure at peak periods.

Upcoming works

We are undertaking investigation works from 22 August to 20 October in the Kwinana Freeway road reserve and on/off ramps between Russell Road in Success and Roe Highway in Jandakot. These works are being done at night to avoid major disruption of high-volume day-time traffic on Kwinana Freeway and to minimise safety risks to our workforce.

Subject to favourable weather conditions, works are planned intermittently between 7pm and 7am, from Monday through to Saturday and include:

  • drilling and digging in discrete areas for service locations and environmental investigations
  • traffic management on Kwinana Freeway and on/off ramps between Russell Road in Success and Roe Highway in Jandakot, including lane closures on Kwinana Freeway.

While all work will be undertaken in the road reserve, equipment and vehicle movements may create some noise for adjacent residents. To minimise disturbance to residents as much as possible, an out-of-hours noise management plan has been prepared by the Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance and approved by the City of Cockburn.

Please call 138 138 with any queries.



The Murdoch Drive Connection forms part of a $2.3 billion package of road and rail infrastructure works, funded by the State and Commonwealth Governments and announced by Premier Mark McGowan on 7 May 2017.

The $100 million project comprises the extension of Murdoch Drive south from Farrington Road to provide connections to Roe Highway and Kwinana Freeway. The project has been planned in various forms for more than 10 years and is required to reduce congestion, provide better access to Fiona Stanley Hospital and help the Murdoch Activity Centre (MAC) meet its economic potential as a major employment and research centre.


Key benefits

  • Relieve peak time congestion on Murdoch Drive, South Street and Kwinana Freeway
  • Provide shorter, more predictable journey times for those who live and work in the Murdoch Precinct
  • Improve access to and from Fiona Stanley Hospital for visitors, patients and emergency vehicles
  • Support the ongoing development of the Murdoch Activity Centre as a major employment, education and research centre.
  • Improve connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists between the end of Roe Highway and Farrington Road / Murdoch Drive
  • Complement other new road projects including the widening of Kwinana Freeway Northbound from Russell Road and Roe Highway and the development of Perth’s first “Smart Freeway” between Roe Highway and the Narrows Bridge.


Scope of works

  • Murdoch Drive realigned and extended to Farrington Road.
  • A grade separation at Farrington Road and Murdoch Drive.
  • Extension of Murdoch Drive from Farrington Road to provide connectivity with Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway.
  • A new roundabout on Murdoch Drive, between Farrington Road and Bramanti Road. This will intersect with the existing Allendale Entrance roundabout
  • A new roundabout on Bibra Drive, providing a connection to Murdoch Drive
  • Bridge improvements over Kwinana Freeway.
  • New Principal Shared Path along the Kwinana Freeway.
  • Shared path along Murdoch Drive to Farrington Road (including local connections to Hope Road and Peterborough Circle).
  • New footbridge west of Kwinana Freeway over Murdoch Drive.
  • Noise wall adjacent to residential properties.


Status and timing

On 10 May 2017, Transport Minister Rita Saffioti announced that the contract for delivery of the Murdoch Drive Connection project had been awarded to the Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance as part of the renegotiation contract for the Roe 8 project.

The project is currently in the detailed planning stage. This will determine the alignment of the road, boundary treatments and noise mitigation measures.

Initial construction activity is expected to begin in mid-late 2017.


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