Mitchell Freeway southbound widening - Cedric Street to Vincent Street


Mitchell Freeway carries some of the highest traffic demands in Perth, with up to 180,000 vehicles per day.

Mitchell Freeway (southbound) from Cedric Street to Vincent Street is particularly congested in the morning peak, due to a number of bottlenecks created from four lanes merging into three lanes at two locations along this section of road.

The State and Federal Governments have committed $40 million to eliminate this problem by widening Mitchell Freeway to provide an additional lane from Cedric Street to Vincent Street.

This project forms part of our overall plan to transform Perth's freeways to handle population and economic growth.


Project scope

The project involves:

  • Building an additional 7 km lane on Mitchell Freeway southbound from Cedric Street to Vincent Street.

Key benefits

This project will:

  • Create four continuous lanes from Erindale Road through to Vincent Street.
  • Reduce congestion and improve travel times and safety for Perth road users, particularly in the morning peak.


We are committed to ensure early and ongoing communication is undertaken with relevant stakeholders. We will also plan to minimise disruption and inconvenience to road users as much as possible.


Project status

The project is currently in the development phase; this includes

  • Confirmation of scope in consultation with key stakeholders
  • Development of a concept design
  • Site investigations to enable pre-construction activities
  • Preliminary environmental and noise assessments .


Key dates

Note the following dates are subject to change

1. Procurement for a final design and construction contract

  • Advertise for Expressions of Interest from industry – June 2017
  • Issue Request for Proposals to shortlisted applicants – October 2017

2. Construction

  • Construction start date – mid 2018
  • Completion date - end of 2019



Project Overview - August 2017

Fact Sheet - May 2017


Modified: 17 Oct 2017